Sometimes, the camera suddenly swings around when manually playing a Hero

Anyone else getting this weird glitch where you’re manually playing a Hero in normal gameplay when suddenly the camera just turns you around?

Not just a really fast swing to face the back of the Hero…

It’s a whole YEET to see what’s behind the Hero.

The camera swings aren’t common but when they do occur, it occurs at the wrongest times. For me, the camera swings occur more often on rear line characters rather than mid or front liners.


DO they may get invisible, because of Mandrakes Gold? Because then it automatically focuses on another hero.

@Lurking_Garbage, ah yes, I get that on a few rare occasions. Good point out

Yup it happens to me all the time. At least once or twice EVERY PvP match. It happens so often I’m considering quitting this game.

No the hero actually turns and faces behind him. Nothing to do with mandrake

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Dirty of broken screen that messes with your touch inputs?

Nothing’s dirty or broken. It’s not happening as much now but it still happens.

Also @Growlinggator this is months old…

Yes, happened a lot. All is going well then next thing I know I’m facing the back wall and trying to get back on to the battlefield and then find my target again. 80% of the time this error is fatal.

Yeah i got this glitch a couple of times… I also face a glitch that I was fallen behind some wall and than couldn’t hit anyone from there. It happened in pvp… And once I saw my opponent with the also.