Anyone else getting their Hero swing around while using manual control?

A few times while I play manually, my Hero suddenly decides to turn a full 180 almost instantly. I posted something like this many months ago, but recently I’ve been encountering this bug again. I don’t know if there is a definite cause but I do know that it happens more often when a Hero tosses an attack at me that generates a lot of particles.

What about you all?


Lurking Garbage yes i definetly have felt that before, ad it sometimes is the reason why my hero die in pvp. Hero Hunters please fix that

I notice something like that when a character dies in pvp. Sometimes when it switches to the next hero, the camera is completely spun around.

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Extremely annoying, felt this before in my worst matches. One minute blasting away at mandrake, the next minute starts shooting the wall. Also had a bug where my HERO turned 180 (feet facing to the camera) and I couldn’t aim straight because of aiming restrictions

I’ve had that happen on bounties where the hero I’m controlling will be facing the opposite direction and it is really confusing until you turn around. Totally annoying

It’s been happening after switching to another hero during manual play.

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Yes, at the start of the match of certain maps. So irritating

It’s happened to me the most in the airport and the seaside containers map. I play Hardscope manually, and it I lose games because of the camera whipping around and I miss a headshot.

Happens to me a lot and I randomly get the hero switch while I’m in manual. I’m controlling a hero and then it just switches to another hero without me clicking on them

I always play pvp manually and this happens to me a lot when my character has been killed and I am thrown to another character facing the back wall for some reason. Annoyed doesn’t begin to describe my mood because every second counts in pvp and we are given limited lives for each hero.

I hope a dev is on this problem. In my case, the camera straight up fights with me the longer a match goes on. I just had a really terrible Co-op raid where I was fighting the camera swings more than the actual enemies!