Special offer, super fragment sale

I’m happy I checked the amount of fragments you get from this deal, but it clearly states that you increase one star with this purchase, and that is not the case for me.

Same here, I need 240 fragments raise him from 6 > 7 stars. Not 180. Definitely a faulty deal or a bad wording. Either way I think Customer Service should compensate those who did buy before they realised they weren’t getting enough fragments.

Why are the devs so bad at wording things? I think what was supposed to happen is: 1)
You get Odachi; 2) Since Odachi starts at 5 stars, you would get 180 fragments to get him to 6 stars. Perhaps the offer should’ve had Odachi himself, 180 Odachi fragments, and the other stuff (cash, XP, etc.)

I’m assuming the offer is primarily for people who don’t have Odachi at all. Therefore, I think the phrase, “Get enough fragments for a full star!”, wouldn’t apply to everyone, just the new Odachi owners.

They would just unlock odachi, not 5->6

It’s strange I don’t see this offer,
maybe because you have to unlock odachi first ?

You’re right, I kept on talking about my theoretical offer, not the ACTUAL offer. The only people that would actually “get enough fragments for a full star” are people who need 180 fragments or less. This offer is just a big ol’ confusing mess. LMAO

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