Prophet fragments

First prophet was 160 fragments to get him at 5 stars I bought 100 and then it changed to 585 fragments now I bought 200 more for 1440 gold now it changed again in the shop… 30 fragments for 750 ain’t really fair does it ??

I alrdy Did pay 3 times 720 gold for 100 fragments… so 2160 gold and now it’s Gonna cost a lot more.
How do you see that ??

Any reaction Would be nice

Hey Nick!

The forum is generally where you go to discuss strats, provide feedback, and talk about the game in general. For account and tech support, best to contact Player Support through the in-game help function, as we can’t access your personal account here on the forum. Contact them for service.


I think his feedback is that he’s pissed off with the changes to the cost.

Exactly, but I Will also contact player support. Will see What happens