Offer Glitch

There’s a glitch for a morlocks shard offer, where its supposed to be $70. Some are getting it for the intended $70… but others are getting it for $5 and others aren’t getting it at all.

I’m personally in the “no offer” boat and I’m curious as to what is causing the issue, and wanted to make others aware.

Any suggestions?



to further elaborate, Android is at $5 while Apple is at the $70. And it was said in the discord chat that it was not a glitch


Not so sure about that. It’s clearly meant to be $70.

I don’t have the offer

I logged in and got this for 5€ it’s a little more then 5$

Sorry had to buy it

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I don’t think it fair to have 5$ usd for android and 70$ usd for iOS as long as we all play on the same server

That’s what I was saying, so broken. There are a few consistencies though. Android seem to be getting the offer for $5, while Apple are split between $70 and not getting the offer.

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Oof, not like I wan gonna buy it its fine. Another question I have is what they’re gonna do next? It’s clearly not fair for those who only had it for $5 as opposed to $70, or those who just straight up didn’t get the offer to buy it. Maybe they’ll give compensation to iOS, I don’t know.

all you can do is wait for an official word from one of the Devs

They should make the offer now 5 usd for all bcs some players already bought that

This is a very short term way of thinking, and overall hurts the game. They need to prove that the items given are worth $70, not $5. People may boycott in game purchases because now they’ve seen the value of items go down.

This is ridiculous.

For me (iOS) that is on offer for $109.99 … my friend next to me using an android device … $7.99

Very unimpressed if this is intentional.


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The 5 $ is usd man and the money exchange rates for each country

No way this is “intentional”, clearly a coding error. What will be curious is how the fix it. They have to correct it. And with the number of android users taking advantage of it, the only logical way is to fix the price to $5 for iOS users and allow them the same option. Doing nothing creates too much of an imbalance. HH has to fix this. They’re gonna have to take a bath on this if they want to retain a player base.

My offer is for $20 on iOS… but doesn’t seem to have anywhere near as many frags per hero as others are getting in their offers

I am getting 10 frags for most instead of 100, and no universal fragments at all. Also no cash or stamina. Instead my offer has 3k PVP gems and 3k Gauntlet gems. Mine is WAY worse.

EDIT: Also, mine has 2k VIP instead of 7k…

What Team/VIP level are you?

Sometimes these seem to have an impact on the offers you are given.


I got this offer 209 Swedish Kronor is about 20 USD (23.01 to be exact). I’m a vip 1 and on ios. If vip lvl matter then this isn’t really an incentives to get higher vip.

I’m VIP 5, same crappy offer as me.

I dont even get the offer, I’m a 0

my VIP level was 10 before this purchase. I play on Android. And the offer was $5 for me. It didnt give me any PVP or Gauntlet shards though. I did get lots of the hero fragments