Special Quests Suggestion

I just thought of it but how about if there’s a daily quest, there should also a special quest… Like “blast 3 opponents out to the sea”, “kill two opponents with one attack”, "defeat an opponent whose hero (e.g. dogface) is present, or "create a combo shot where two skills are used at the same time (e.g. blastes while stunned); or a special hero quest like “use caine to kill dogface” (it might be hard but just to have a goal)… What do you think guys??? :sweat_smile: yeah??? or nah???

I would like it, I actually made a simliar thread many many months ago. I can see if I can found it again. :slight_smile:


Let’s pick up this discussion where my thread ended.

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honestly, this is starting to sound like fornite battle pass rewards
maybe the more quest you complete, the more increased tier you get and the increased variaty of rewards at the end of each week
(not like fornite to keep it original)

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Thats great @ULFPAM. You already made that thread… Then lets continue that trhead. Heheheh. Thanks pal

Sorry @ULFPAM but it is already locked by devs. Hehehe

Yes it’s locked so let’s continue here in your thread. I made mine super long ago.

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