More daily quests please

I find the end game team level really annoying and hard to grind and I’d like it if there was more reward for dedicated play:

  • for completing patrols please that would help
  • for winning each stage of gauntlet, encourages people to finish the whole thing
  • winning 10 pvp for dedicated players

Also there needs to be more achievements too

  • Untouchable: win a campaign mission with all heroes at full health
  • The Chosen One: win a mission with only one hero
  • Close Call: win a mission with four heroes dead
  • Tough as nails: win a mission without healing
  • The Imitator: defeat a boss using a hero that is the same hero as the boss
  • all star: get a hero to ten stars
  • insurmountable odds: win with a team power at least 10% lower than the recommended power

this would be better than
“I did zero patrol, but my alliance did, so I get the same patrol crate reward”

Not taking anything away from anyone, just really agree with the “more reward for dedicated play”

Actually you need to do at least one patrol to claim reward but yeah one patrol is pathetic

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you’re right, I totally forgot the one patrol. And personally I feel war/bounty is worse. Spending 8 hours or more in the game gets pretty much the same reward as spending 30 seconds.

I personally just put bounty on auto and only use gold heroes except for low leveled ones. You can still contribute quite some bounty points

10 daily quest and earn 50 gold and 25 stards for a selected 7 star hero instead of 13 quests to get only some shards and gold

@Seldiora I know what you mean, I think it’s cool and it works. It’s just I think I just witnessed something like
“showed up once, took only 2 random zones in total in war, and then do nothing until war ends” (not newbie, newbie fights hard) counts as participate, get the same reward. Same with bounty, showed up once and the damage number stays the same until event ends, get the same reward. :woman_shrugging:

Lookss good bro nice work