Spotlight: Francoise

This series will highlight the variety of Heroes in Hero Hunters and showcase their role, design, and synergy with other Heroes! This spotlight centers around the upcoming Hero, Françoise!

Icon_ElementBio Francoise

Françoise is an oft-revered freedom fighter and notorious guerrilla soldier known for spearheading daring raids on the Kurtz Lawgivers with the help of the Watch. Using concoctions of her own creation, she can keep herself and Allies topped up and hyped for combat.

Françoise is able to fulfill a number of varied roles and can be combined with any team composition with ease. Once unlocked, her unique abilities build up beneficial buff effects for herself before sharing them with her teammates. Using Françoise in your team can turn even the most unlikely of Heroes into deadly juggernauts.


  • Invaluable Support Healer with powerful Heal over time, cleanse abilities and beneficial effects for allied Heroes.

Primary Weapon - ‘Uziel’ Assault Pistol:

  • This rapid fire Assault Pistol constantly deals a stream of damage with minor spread.
  • While high recoil can make long range combat unwieldy, prioritize closer targets to maximize filling the Ability Meter and Damage output!


1 Invigorate Header
Invigorate cleanses an Allied Hero target of all negative effects and provides Heal Over Time. If Françoise has beneficial effects on herself, she shares those bonuses with the Hero.

  • Tips
    • Activate Invigorate after Take A Swig to provide massive bonuses for the targeted Ally Hero.
    • Pay attention to team composition! Françoise can share ALL beneficial effects she currently has with her Allies, even effects provided by another Hero.

2 Take a Swig Header
Take A Swig restores Françoise’s Health and provides extra beneficial effects the longer she drinks. Gain bonus Health after 2 seconds, bonus Basic Attack Damage after 5 seconds, and gain a chance to evade enemy attacks at 8 seconds.

  • Tips
    • Françoise can cancel this ability early to dodge incoming attacks but will only gain some of the beneficial effects.

4 Street Brawler Header
Street Brawler is a passive ability that provides Françoise with increased Critical Chance and Health bonus. Whenever a critical hit is received, the Hero recovers Health over time.

  • Tips
    • Use Invigorate to share this unique passive ability with her allies.

3 Guerrilla Warfare Header
Guerrilla Warfare provides all allied Heroes with bonus Critical Damage and a chance to evade enemy attacks whenever the Friendly Team is outnumbered.

  • Tips
    • This passive ability is super effective in campaign missions and events where the Friendly team is combating larger numbers of enemies.


  • Combine Françoise with allies that can provide her with buffs and shields. When playing as those Allied Heroes, prioritize Françoise as your primary buff target, as she can share the beneficial effects with an additional Ally.
  • Françoise’s Healing potential can be countered by high burst damage enemies. For the best results, use Françoise as a backup Healer or have a self-sustaining Tank to provide an additional buffer to buy time for her various Heals over time.
  • Françoise’s ‘Uziel’ Assault Pistol can deal surprisingly large amounts of damage. This can cause her to draw threat focus from enemy targets. Spread her damage among the enemy team to maintain a lower threat.

What do you think of Françoise?

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Can you post a 3D model of all heroes? Looks kinda cool.

It’s something we’re looking into!

Any love for this hero, at all? She seems to be kind of a community joke along with Oro and Galante.
I got a few extra frags for her so I could take her from 5* to 7* and decided to put resources into her as well. Gold+3 now and not very impressed but also not not-impressed. That she has to drink for 5 seconds is of course silly - how much liquid can that tiny bottle even hold? Make her drink while sitting down behind cover and we have a pretty good hero on our hands. Her DPS boost is amazing.

Her silver ability is the main issue to me. It takes long, doesn’t really spread boost that well, she’s a sitting (standing?) duck, and the AI seems to use it poorly. If her silver did something better for the amount of time it takes or the timer was shortened i could see it being helpful. I also wonder how much better she gets at plat. Im kind surprised you took her to gold 3, but it has gotten me curious to try.

Gold +4 now! I can let you know how good she gets at platinum (probably not much of a difference). But yeah, they should do something about that silver skill definitely. The effect is GOOD, not to say SUPERB, but standing there unprotected for several seconds is so dangerous.

Well to me i wouldnt even classify it as good. The only good about it in my mind is that its flexible, but because it takes so long to cast, the AI just lets the whole cast run when rolling would be better. Shes not the worst hero, but shes close and as a 5 star thats not very good.

If the silver was fixed in some way I would be fine with it. I think the cast time of 8 seconds is just too long and the skill still reads confusing to me. Originally i thought you lost the first ability while still chugging so it was weird. I get now what they are trying to do and that it lasts longer, but its not very clear what it does and how it works.

I think it either needs to happen faster or spread the benefits instantly if she does it for 8 seconds. 8 seconds is a long time. It gives the enemy plenty of chance to target her during that time. As of right now, shes not even a threat and no one even cancels in the 8 second time frame. Plus you still have to use her bronze after that to even spread those abilities to someone else and if the target is reloading you lose those benefits. It just seems like a lot o hand holding for little benefit.

Her abilities need to be streamlined. I think if she felt closer to Caine in execution where piloting helps but it not necessary for his benefits, she would see more play.

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Yeah, as I said, the way the silver skill is executed is bad and terrible but the effect; the gain from the powerdrink, is really good. Having +40.000 DPS for 16 seconds is game-changing! Having it for 8 seconds would also be good. Too bad she’s most often interrupted in her drinking before you can get the boost.

I’m pretty new to the game and when I summoned Francoise I was so happy because I really love her character design. But everyone is saying she’s not good and now I don’t know how to feel. I hope they buff her at some point :frowning:

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Aw, that’s a bummer. First things first, heroes change, as does the underlying game. A hero who is OP today, may not be tomorrow, and a hero that is ‘weak’ may not be either.
Next, Some heroes are inexplicably popular while some aren’t. A lot of people parrot what other people say/do without actually knowing if it’s the case. I guarantee you at least half of the people who bad-mouth Fran don’t even have her.
Next next, the fact that Fran isn’t played often in PvP (again, partially because she’s rare) means you’re a wildcard which could throw some people off their gameplan
Next next next, depending on how strong your heroes are, a 5* hero is always a good hero to have :slight_smile:
Lastly, eff it. Your criteria for liking a hero shouldn’t be purely empirical, if you like something, go with it!


Francoise is LEGIT good this patch, bro.

Have fun with her she can support a number of compositions well. I am not sure that she has been boosted so much to “automatic starter” position in any pvp team, but to me at least, she looks like she is in Tier 1.5 or 2, and not Tier 3/4/garbage anymore. In fact I think Francoise is better than Brogan.

Ah thank you guys! I’ve just been watching videos and seeing this forum and it seems like no one likes to use her. I’ll try not to let the meta be in the way of characters I wanna use. I love her character design and I love how she calls people “sugar” on the battlefield lol. I’ll continue to use her :slight_smile:


She’s part of the mehh-ta. Lol her potion drinking is even a huge liability.

I actually do think she has potential since she got a couple changes. Plus, if you are lucky enough to pull a Brogan, the 2 seems to have great combo potential.

Heck, everyone is starting to dust off their other heroes that havent been used cuz of the changes (steele, castellan, odachi). I wouldnt be surprised to see more of her around. I still need to test her more myself after I get her to gold.

They buffed her brother dont worry :slight_smile: