Blue Bounty Stamina NOT Available?

Hey Devs! How yinz all doing?

If you could, Please, see if there was a mistake, someone forgot to enter it in or whatever, stuff happens, right?

Anyhow the Blue Bounty Stamina was not made available this Bounty Weekend of 02-20-21 ???

Thank you Devs and hope you reply…

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My guess is it’s to get us to spend more gold. However 10 gold for one revive is steep make it 2-5 at least.

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They sell revives every other bounty same with MK cores I believe.

They offer them every bounty. Although they alternate they way you can purchase them. Last one was with gold, the time before that was with real money and so on. This is the very first time they have not offered any option to purchase them.

Its 10 gold for like the first three, then it goes to to 20 then to 40!
You are probably on to something here just another way to get us to spend more money. Sad really, isn’t it?

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Pretty sure it’s every other bounty guys, I save for one bounty like this one currently then on the next I spend usually 1k gold on revives. My top three accounts each started this bounty with 500 revives.

Last bounty was the gold option to purchase the revives, time before that was having to actually buy them. You are right in the fact that they alternate every other bounty, however, HH always offers a way to purchase more each bounty.
I too, stock up on them when it is the gold option, I started this bounty off with 1200. However, there are many of my alliance members that did not stock up on them and were expecting to just purchase them. This is the first time in years that there is no option available. And I think there should be an explanation as to why they chose to cut them off with no warning.

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Maybe a mistake, if this is the first time as you say we shouldn’t be so hard on them. :slight_smile:

Not really sure why you are owed an explanation or why u feel entitled to one.

They didnt offer it. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe it was on purpose.

But i can guarentee the best way not to find out is to demand to know.

Next time try some class and decorum
Hey devs i see that bounty revives arent being offered this time. I was wondering if this was an oversight when setting this one up or if they will be random offers from now on. Thank you

See how much nicer that is? And the odds of finding something out goes up. They may or maynot reply but still have better chance of at least some form of reply


Yes! You definitely have a very good point!! I guess I was just feeling the frustration that my alliance members are feeling. We all look forward to every bounty and we have lots of fun too! But you are exactly spot on! Thank you for pointing out my lack of decorum and something we all learned back in Kindergarten, many many, many, many years ago, and that is Respect others, use good manners and always use Please and Thank You!

Please check out my edit. Hopefully thats much better.

Class act over here :raised_hands:t2::wave:t2:


Much respect to you. You handled that like a great player. We all know how things like this can go. But you understood my intent and didnt thunk i was attaxking you…which i wasnt. And you acknowledged it and made things better.
Im sure you do great in life with this. And i know unare a great player. Good luck and great olayimg

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