Stamina (when it gets deducted)

So I have had this happen from day 1 of playing this game but it feels like it happens more often since the sector 7 patch was released and even more noticeably since the sector 9 patch (latest).

I will be happily playing along through a mission and … BAM … game crashes. Fine. Restart the game and continue on.

My grip here though is that the stamina required to start the mission has already been deducted from the available pool of stamina. Now I lose that stamina and I get nothing for it. No mission rewards no hero/team XP, nothing. Sure happens once, that’s a shame. Happens twice, ok … that’s weird. Happens third, forth … and so on. OK this is getting really annoying now.

Perhaps think about changing WHEN the stamina is spent to after that mission is completed. e,g; At the same time the rewards and hero/team XP are awarded. This saves the wasting of that ‘oh so precious’ stamina.

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