Start fresh/Keep old back up Account

how do I make a new account and keep my old one?

If you have another device then you can use that or you can sync your correct account through Facebook. Delete the game and re-download it, this will create a new account for you when you start the game again without syncing it.

It didn’t work… Every time I uninstall then reinstall it just sends me straight back to my old one… It doesn’t give me the chance to start over.

Hmm, maybe if you have another device like an iPad or a parents phone or something? That way you can make the account sync it and then it is yours but I would try and do it on a device that is yours if possible.

Other device you may have to setup like it’s a new phone first

Login on a new device or play on PC then link in accounts etc. Way I did it was use different phones and link in accounts

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