How to add a new account to a exsiting account

How do you get a alt account? just wondering

I believe it’s as simple as playing the game on a different device. Download game on second device, create new account, play.

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  1. Backup your account and connect it to Facebook
  2. Delete the game
  3. Re-download the game
  4. Play through as a new account until you get to the option to change your name and connect to Facebook
  5. Connect to Facebook
  6. You now have your original account and your new account


  1. Download the game on another device such as an iPad/ Old phone
  2. Connect that account to Facebook
  3. Connect your main device account to Facebook
  4. You will now see your new account and old account listed in the Accounts list

@Gale Does this still work for Game Center

Most recommend using Facebook