I don't like this game anymore

At first, when they said they wanted a new balance, (Role Warfare)
I thought this game would be more fun.

But Tanker and healer still overpowered at this game,
(maybe more than before)

pvp time was only increased.
and…flatline, ifit, etc…

The reason I thought this game was fun
There were various and characterful heroes and their skill sets.

but, There’s no point in trying different combinations in this game.
All you have to do is raise your op hero of the month.

One of the most boring things about games The Gold Skill in Mandrake
Why is it still not nerfed?

For the record, Drake’s ability t has been nerfed, it’s been nerfed quite a lot. It used to be unlimited and not have that timer, and with the introduction of Ifrit good luck dodging with invis now. And honestly its been in the meta for so long that its starting to phase out of it cause of how easy it is for intelligent players to counter.

Also, this is just MY PERSONAL OPINION, but I personally really enjoy the update. It allows for more versatility and long term strats, something that was non existent before. So many heroes that were trash or only good for campaign are now viable, like butter and operator. I personally like the new pvp update where i have time to blink before the match is over, but that’s just my personal preference.


Gamond, some of your points are valid like Flatline n Ifrit.

Mandrake is not the highest threat on the team. His gold skill has been nerfed. Learn how to deal w mandrake instead of moaning about them. I have to say gig gud on mandrake.