Stealth change to gear drop rates?

Has there been a stealth change to gear drop rates in the last few days (and specifically, since the October Update II)? Trying to plat Anvil but drop rates for silver and gold items seem to have gone much worse and it cannot be that my ‘luck’ has been bad for so long.

Any similar experiences out there?

And by the way, no I am not really asking whether the current situation is ‘more balanced’ or ‘fine’ or whatever. All I am asking is whether you guys feel that drop rates have decreased since the October Update I vs the October Update II.

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I felt the same when i was looting for gold helmets.

It is still the same with me, did not notice any changes.

But i got the feeling that it is more inconsistent. I soften get just one, even zero sometimes, just to get a big payday with 5 or 6 afterwards.

If the frequency of something is less it’s normal to have longer runs without drops.

I noticed it too. In the past 3 days drop rates have bordered on ridiculous for gold and plat items. I assume some for of change occurred?

Don’t try to find a pattern in a few days of observations. This is not a reliable sample even if you find confirmation on the forum.