Thoughts on the new drop rates & crafting requirements

This has been a pretty contentious issue since the update so I thought I’d give my thoughts and explain what I see to be the devs’ intentions with these changes. There are two driving factors here that make a lot of sense when fully thought through.

1. Shifting Gear Focus

Before, the promotion bottlenecks were primarily the ‘add-on’ items. Throwing Stars, Throwing Knives, Fuel Cells, Batteries, and Canisters were the main ones, depending on which stage of the game you were in. Getting these was tedious, repetitive, and uninteresting. Farming for any piece of gear felt exactly the same, no matter what it was.

Now, the bottleneck has shifted to the fragments for the actual gear while the ‘add-on’ items are relatively trivial in comparison. This is a good change. It adds variety and a sense of uniqueness to each different piece of gear. It also broadens the missions that you find yourself farming. No more mashing the quick-win button on mission 5-8 because you need endless gold throwing stars. If you adapt to the drop rate changes accordingly, then you likely already have a stockpile of them; which leads me to my next point:

2. Increased Value From Stores

Before the update, virtually nobody with any sense would buy anything from the black market, which is understandable when 100k might get you 5/40 gear fragments - barely 10% of the needed amount. But what if 100k gets you 5/14 instead? That’s more than 35% of the requirement and makes a very meaningful difference. Today, I had this exact thing happen. 5 platinum throwing stars for 100k.

By reducing the crafting requirements so dramatically, there has been a massive boost to taking advantage of stores. Most people complaining about low drop rates for throwing stars & knives are failing to adapt. The gauntlet and alliance stores are similar. Nearly all of these add-on items are available without using stamina. You just need to know where to look and adjust the predisposition that some stores are useless.

Note that this also applies to the value of crates. Gear frag rewards are now substantially more valuable out of crates in a similar vein to the store changes. There is an obvious push here from HHG to encourage more crate purchases.


The update changed a lot of things and was a shock to the inherent value of things that most players have ingrained into their mind of things. It shifted bottlenecks to more reasonable areas and pushed some much needed value onto the less used shop options. By adapting to the changes and planning upgrades accordingly, this can be a huge overall positive change to how farming and grinding are done.


As I mentioned in another thread, for me the update made it to easy to get your heroes to platinum.
The drop rates went down about 10% for “normal” items, but you only need about 1/3 of them.
I don’t know about the stars and knives since I luckily have enough of them. But you have three gauntlet resets a day, so you will get five knives and stars a day for sure. At least once a week you get them in ally store too, you can buy 15 of them each time. This adds up to 50 a week just from stores. This makes it possible to level up 8 gold bars a week. That is one and a half heroes. This is about double of what you could do with the old system.

Agreed. I think they took it a bit too far. A middle ground would have been nice. Bronze canister frag requirements for platinum going from 135 to 3 feels extremely heavy-handed.

If you do buy items from gauntlet you are giving up the potential for frags/heronium. Same with alliance store. So now the focus has shifted from staring up heroes to trying to rank them up.
Might be a good change of pace for PvP having a bigger pool of platinum heroes then only like 4-5 High starred, high ranked ones to try and compete.

But that is for you to decide. Do you want platinum heroes or high star heroes. You had to make this decision before too.
For frags/heronuim the pvp store is a better choice anyway.

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Im pretty sure they’re incentivizing people to go plat asap to indirectly improve pvp matching, or so Im thinking. Again as mentioned, it’s still the players’ decision.

Initially it looked great, but after a while the most frustrating thing ever.

For example I have just done 18 quick wins and got 2 Gold cells.

I would MUCH prefer if they increased the amount of gear items needed but made all gear items 100% drop rate.

This in turn balanced with higher stamina costs for the rarer loot.


Do not forget that it is a % based Chance to get the Item. If you go low for some quickins, you will porpably go higher later on. I once farmed 9 Platinum boots out of 10 quick wins. But later on there were many 10 quick wins with just one or two.

This actually seems like a good point. I also think they are gearing up to add in diamond rank soon so they want to provide a more level playing field for that shift. This seems like a decent way to do that.

Drop rates are horrendous! 200 energy spent and not even a single drop of the item that I was farming …

You can’t even go past plat 3 yet. There are two more level updates needed until you can fully Max out your heroes. There won’t be any additional skill any time soon.

Which item were you farming? I got drop rates of 20-30% for plat and gold

New drop rate in nirmal is low but i check hard mission first now as often get parts i need in there plus bonus frag. Do it just shifted me from normal missions to hard mission as in general better return for stamina.

Wait 100 percent drop rate, so a mission that drops 3 items would drop all 3 every time you ran it?

With the platinum parts I would spend a full stamina charge, like 125, and get around 3-7 parts depending how lucky I got (thats around like 13 missions). Platinum items needed 40 parts in order to craft and now need 14 parts. Thats a HUGE difference, but if I was still getting 3-7 per time that would be insanely better when you talk about ratios.

If I lean on the high-side, and i get 6 items for every full refill, that’s 750 stamina for 40 platinum. parts. If this was the same for trying to get items now, it would take you over 50 missions to get 1 platinum part.

For the sake of this post, I used a stamina refill to get up to 160 and quick won 18 times on mission 11-7. I got 4 platinum parts, that’s over a quarter of what I needed to craft a full part and if i were to use that as a gauge of how long it would take me to get a full part, Id have to spend over 100 less stamina then i would before this update.
Now this may not be the same every time, but every store has stayed the same, and so have silver crates. I bought 3 platinum parts for 90,000 earlier, that’s almost the equivalent of like 10 missions. SO much more valuable then it once was.

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I like this change, it will be easier to get heroes to plat but harder to upgrade them further. It would take a lot of time to plat everytime using old system.