Gear Drop Rates?

Hello. I’ve seen alot of posts about gear drop rates, but the general consensus is just conjecture. I’m posing these questions to the devs or at least people privy to the gear drop rate hidden values.

  1. Are there ways to improve our odds at getting gear? (Using certain heroes, factions, quick wins vs. autoplay, etc)

  2. Does mission difficulty affect the likelihood of getting gear drops? Is it possible to tell us how much the odds increase if they do?

  3. What are the drop odds? At higher campaign missions, we often can pick up lower rarity gear. Is this random or is there a pattern?

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  1. its just good ol’ RNG
  2. not necesseraly. Some missions give out specific gear. so that could just mean you need to play normal, hard or extreme.
  3. Random

you could pray to the RNG gods to give you a drop. or dont. sometimes you get a few drops. sometimes none.

Some gear have higher chances of dropping in higher difficulty missions, for example the plat fuel cell doesn’t often drop, but has an extremely high drop rate on 3-8 extreme.

Mk7 core fragments drop of with a 100% chance. Like Ben also said, the platinum fuel cells also have a like 50%+ drop rate in some extreme missions. And usually it is more worth grinding these than normal missions. Otherwise, it’s all RNG

Thanks for the responses. RNG for everything is a tough pill to swallow, but I’ll make a mental note about extreme missions. Looks like I need to horde hero frags in order to power up my heroes so I can take on extreme

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