Steele - frustrating bug

I’m going to send this to customer support as well, just dropping it here.
There’s a glitch going on with Steele. I am a vivid user of Steele. When you trigger his bronze and start firing away sometimes the sound and visual effect from you actually firing rounds is gone (but you can still see the enemy taking damage) What makes this a problem? Well sometimes, if you aren’t paying attention to the actual health numbers dropping off the enemy you’re not sure whether you are firing or not, making you release the trigger, re-aim and start shooting again (hence losing a few seconds of that precious 10 second salvo).

Anyone else noticed this? Am I the only Steele user?

Ive noticed this with a few heroes (like Dogface when he has bronze skill activated or Razorback after using the net. Shooting animation is gone, hero is just standing there, but the magazine is getting depleted and you are hurting enemies/covers.

Ah, so it’s not a Steele specific glitch then.
Seems like it affects skills that extend the magazine / increase fire rate allowing you to manually fire. Do we have more examples of skills that work this way?

I’ve noticed this tends to happen more with longer magazines.

If I recall correctly, I’ve seen this with Matador, Razorback, Dogface (only with his bronze active), Phalanx, Maven, and rarely, Heimlock.

Same with Hardscope after his bronze rockets, not all bullets just the last 5/8 of his magazine

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