Very (?) specific Steele question

Steele is unpopular. Don’t see him often in PVP. However he was in one of my first crates and I have been using him often since. His bronze skill is cool - if you activate it and aim well you can activate it again before the 10 second duration expires. He’s often among my my best DPS;ers. His Silver skill is terrible.

However I haven’t upgraded him to Gold yet. I have just a handful of Gold heroes and I’m trying to get those that people recommend me to promote first: Heimlock, Mandrake, Halo and also Hideo which was a hit-or-miss for me that turned out being a miss.

I have a question about Steele’s Gold skill. If he hasn’t taken damage for 5 seconds he will shield himself and boost his damage + critical rate. Sounds good to me but not something I need right away.
However, and this is where my question starts, how is “not taken damage for 5 seconds” defined? If his shield takes damage, does that count as Steele taking damage? Like. If I shield myself and the shield doesn’t deplete, will I get a new shield after 5 seconds or shielding?

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He gains the shield, and he loses it once the shield is completely depleted. Honestly, it’s one of the better gold skills. The silver skill is better than you think though, since it basically disables one or more enemy.

So shooting the shield will count as Steele has taken damage (even if he actually didn’t take damage - the shield did).
I will put him to Gold when Dogface is done.

The problem as I see it with his Silver skill is that Steele himself stands exposed for 6 seconds with no option to duck.

No, once he gains the shield, it’s there to stay. The only way to get rid of the shield is to completely deplete it’s health

Would you say that I should go for Steele gold before Maven gold?
Those are the ones I have planned for ATM. Still working on Dogface - he’'l be done tomorrow hopefully.

Depends on what kind of team you want. Personally though, I see Steele as the better gold

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I’m so making Steele my next gold. Dogfart just got promoted. Everyone’s using Maven. I’mma use Steele and show them what he’s made of.