Steele's Legendary Skin: Worse than without it

The original Bullet Storm skill could hit EVERYONE in that small radius when he sweeps back and forth meaning it was an AOE skill that could hit potentially 5 players if bunched together for up to 5x damage (tho 2x or 3x is most likely).

Then it got ‘upgraded’ to an individual targeting skill with just a negligible attack boost but still a huge drop in overall damage. Unless you’re always in a 1v1, the legendary skill should not fair better than the original.

Also the change of ‘Root’ to ‘Stun’ sounds good on paper, but if you realised that enemies get staggered and interrupted every second during the the original Bullet Storm’s duration then it’s pretty much the same effectiveness of completely stunning the opponent like Bullet Hell does.

So, overall damage loss plus no effective difference from status effects makes me wonder how the heck it’s supposed to be an improvement. I guess Level 3 armour boosts could make up for that a bit, but if that’s the case then, once a common/rare armor comes out without the skill then I see no reason left to use the Legendary skin.

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Agreed!!! Steele is amazing with legendary skin but he is also good without skin… his bronze ability is awesome can beat anyone… …

I’d say it more a choice thing now aoe control but low damage caused or single but higher damage

Is the dps noticeable with the legendary skin? I mainly didnt go for the skin because you turn AOE to single target which I thought was kinda dumb.

You saying Steele’s AOE damage to a single target is dumb is like Cast’s bronze to a single target is dumb. The point is, skills are useful in ways that can be exploited through synergies or just timing. Steele, as I noticed, is more useful dealing damage to frontlines due to the topography of some PvP maps, Cast is useful to debuff enemy abilities, Oro deals a good deal of damage through his gold and silver skills and Francoise could be a lot more useful with Brogan in her team due to distributing all positive buffs. Useless characters are useful in ways you never known.

Does Fran even work with Brogan? He globally distributes his buffs; Fran using her skill wouldn’t double the buff would it?

What I mean is that Brogan distributes HIS buffes to others. So what I am saying is that if Francoise throws her bronze to Brogan, he could use his silver to distribute it. Now would that solve the point that Francoise is a BS healer. I know that people without Brogan can’t do this, but hey, there are other strategies there in HH. For example, Moss can’t heal himself, right? How to solve this, toss his silver at a backline hero and run to the cloud. Solved.

My thing is why would you want to give up the ability to trap down multiple people for only one person when using Steele. I dont see a point.

The skill focuses on one enemy only. This is the same mechanic as E.Rifleman and Baron. If there is only 1 enemy, all 16 bullets will hit.

Ah, that’s a great synergy I hadn’t thought of. Your team would basically be on god mode if you got it to work. The main problem is that it is a combination that is so hard to pull off. Like 15 seconds for Fran to charge up and toss to Brogan, during which you’re piloting Fran. Then after Brogan gets the buff you switch over to him and wait for his silver to come online. By the time its online and he’s distributed the buff, the drink probably has 5-10 seconds left, but you’ve spent like 20-25 seconds creating a team buff, during which time your opponent has been hammering away at your team.

That is a downside to it, but would be great if it would work. Fran’s bronze is useful to only one hero. If you have a hero that can distribute it, why don’t you take the risk? I saw a person do it once, and I that team couldn’t be defeated due to Fran and Brogan keep distributing it.

BTW, does the timer reset if he distributes it?

Yeah, Fran’s healing buff is outrageous; if you got it on your whole team you’d be god mode for sure. I just don’t like synergies that are super difficult to pull off, because a good opponent will be focused on disrupting you, and that complicates an already complicated strategy. If it works it’s for sure a win, though.

It’s the same with Moss’ self healing tactic. You only get lucky if you have another backline hero with you

I don’t think so; she doesn’t reset the timer when she distributes it; I see no reason he would.

These strategies are hard to pull off, but pays off well

I honestly think that his legendary skill should be:
Fires a storm of bullets that stuns, silences and deals medium damage per second to ALL enemies in front of steele (like Savage) for 3-5 seconds

Steele is such garbage.

Not true. Steele was just a priority and a big target to kill. If Steele is ignored, he could mow down heroes with continuous bronze skill