Does Halos plat work with Steele?

Just trying to figure out if her plat can combine with his bronze or gold skills to make him a serious DPS threat. Thanks!

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Nope. Only works for his silver. Same with Dogface, it doesn’t activate for his gun attachments.

I think brogan is the only one able to boost basic steele would work with broken or dogeface I belive
But you can’t get brogan

Damn. So if I want to pair a front liner with her for decent damage. I’m basically only looking at Savage?

PvP make hard after update…

Savage or scum for main frontline DPS. Matador, richter, phalanx, Oro, and mandrake all have skills the trigger, but for the most part only once.

I guess it makes sense. I still don’t really understand where Steele fits in the meta. He just doesn’t seem very good.

The only place I use steele is to do patrols. He really is useless to me.

He’s damage support. Does decent DPS when left alone. Kinda useless otherwise, he dies too fast. Gold helps survivability.

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He does good in bounty, since you can keep hia brinze activated through the while raid. But kther than that there is no real use for him.

Hivemind is really awesome with Halo. He’s always a prime target, so he’ll need lots of support.