Stratus chest bug?

I read that if you used the stratus best “pick 10” that you would get the new hero on the 6th hero. I did not receive her & I even used my gold just to not get her. I’m a little puzzled so I hope it is just a minor bug that you guys can fix.

There is no guarantee u get the new hero it’s all chance

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Misread, she will drop as a 6* hero, not guaranteed. Nothing to fix here on the devs end

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It says if you use the open ten, she will drop as SIX STAR, not as the 6th hero. There’s no guarantee for her, but IF you get the hero she will be 6 star


I now see the error in my reading of the sentence. Thanks for replying back with help everyone. Sorry the confusion on my end


It’s not a guarantee that you’ll get her. I will be getting her on 16th pull. I’ll use the tokens first and then unlock her.

It’s Misleading for sure

Gotta read the fine print lol. Took me 20 bucks then I got her on the free token from the tiers from the event. Only 4 star but happy to have gotten my first FF hero.


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