I need some help (mission 4-9)

I am stuck on 4 -9! Before you say “level your heros” or “grind for gear pieces.” I can’t because all the gear I need to promote my heros is in 4- 9 or AFTER. Any loadouts that could help?

bring as many healers as you can so you can survive as long as possible

4-9 was tough the first time i played it if i remember correctly. I think i actually bought some stuff from the gauntlet that drops in 4-9 to upgrade some guys cuz i still couldn’t beat it for a bit. You definitely want good healing - 1 main healer and 2 support healers is what i think you would want at least. Its just about surviving so bring sturdy guys. You may want 1 DPS to deal with hideo, but being sturdy may be enough.

If it is still a problem:

  • healer are very important (maximize the skill lvl)
  • shield skill is a nice thing. It helps „buying time“ while waiting for healing skill
  • ALWAYS assemble your team in order to fulfill the mission parameters.
    If it is to „elimante hideo“ bring heroes with the best attribute with you (mech -> energy -> biochem -> mech…)

Helpful skills:
Healing/repairing, shielding, focusing fire

Any supportive akill:
Cloak, antigravity… that will give your heroes an advantage

Were you able to pass it im still stuck

Im assuming youre asking about 4.9 extreme.

Go in with mandrake, go invisible and hide in a corner and wait out the clock.

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Firstly, mandrake doesn’t work as well anymore since alvarez got buffed.

Secondly, I recommend checking out the “Extreme Help and Questions” channel is the Hero Hunters Discord. You can get lots of help and suggestions there from players with the knowledge you need.

Its been over 2 years since i played this level, lol.

Wasn’t just about your mandrake suggestion, I was sure a few people would suggest it as well, but sadly it don’t work anymore :(((. Fun while it lasted tho lol one hero could win it all haha


This original post is 5 years ago…

Probably he’s already on extreme 9…
( if he’s still playing)


Fiber and Mandrake…
Grind them as max as possible…

Then use the heroes with ‘Invulnerable’ skill…
U know, the heroes that stay alive even when their health is zero… (imo, the best is Gammond, some how he taunts the enemies assault, so others can stay alive )

Or try heroes that could auto-generate shield / health if their health decreased… ( ie: Stygia)

At the beginning of the mission, turn to Mandrake and play manually… Go to the most corner, activate his invisible skill, and just wait…

Probably u won’t get 3*, but at least u can advance to the next level…