Suggestions for a new market

I think a market where players could sell items to others for cash, gold, or alliance points would be nice. The markets for items right now are not very good, and it might be better if a player market where players do the selling and buying. This also gives everyone a chance to make more gold and cash.

That kind of trade would never happen, I guess. It could create micro-economy, people buying things with real money from others players, instead of HH, scamming, multiple accounts feeding items to the “main account”, etc.

What I’d like to get would be something to do with the hundreds of green items I have no use for. Maybe merging them into the next category (5 green get merged into 1 bronze, 5 bronze… etc) or just selling them for bucks (a fixed prize on a game store, not to other players)

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I never figured out what’s the problem with people buying items in any game using real money

The game devs can sell base heimlock at 1500 gold
But I can’t sell a gold heimlock for 1000 even?

The problem is that the developers make games for their profit, not yours. The moment people start selling items in game for money, is money the developers lose. If the developers can’t get enough money, they may close the game. If they close the game, it means any money you invested, will be gone.

Just look at the example you gave. If I can buy Heimlock from someone for 1000, why would I buy it for 1500 from HH? HH just lost money for 500 gold.

So yeah, there is a problem with people buying items from other players using real money

I just wish there was a market where we could sell unused heroes back for like 30-50% of their worth in gold or at least deconstruct them for the gear…

I understand exactly where you are coming from. I have to agree with @GTSaiko though.
If the player base AS WELL AS amount and variety of content was on par with something like WoW then it could be viable, but it’s not. Those guys have families to feed and until we get to a point like the Star Trek universe where there’s no more profit and everybody is taken care of, this is reality.

I have about 3-4 games that I spend real money on and I do so relatively within budget for the reason that I feel those responsible for the game deserve it(I have no issue with farming for ages to get something). I guess that this might be an option looking forward but it’s not there yet :smiley:

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