Hunters’ Exchange Market - Another Market Idea

Some hunters carry too much of the same material that they don’t even need it anymore.
And some hunters take days to gather all materials necessary to rank up one hero to a bar or a new rank (If you’re platinum, it can take longer).

Considering that “The Gauntlet” is going to have a massive “revamp” and its rewards are going to increase, I propose an idea called the “Hunters’ Exchange Market.”

—The game itself will have a preset price for every material out there.
— Hunters can sell their own materials to other Alliance members AND/OR hunters in bulks and pieces.
— Hunters can have the ability to increase the price of a material up to 200 Bucks and no more, decrease the price down to 200 Bucks and no less (maximum/minimum price increase can be adjusted right now) in order to make valuable deals.
— The selling/buying limit is 10 different types of materials (you can sell and as much as you want for one kind of material).
— Different kinds of in-game currency can also be considered to be used.

The main question is “there’s already enough stores in the game, why add another one?”

— The idea is proposed to improve material circulation. Some materials are really hard to come by, and needed to be grind for days. Some materials are also hard to come by because they are available in stores.
— Veteran hunters can help newcomers or uprising hunters in the scene of ranking up heroes, at a set price of course.
— As it was mentioned earlier, some hunters just carry too much of the same material that they don’t even have a use for it anymore, I just thought of this idea as a way to make the materials circulate around the game and be used for hunters that really need it.

What do you think?


This is something the game definitely needs.


It’s definitely something to be done. We opened a similar issue about it but we did not get results.

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It sounds great for us players, but I don’t see the benefit to the devs. I imagine a good amount of gold is spent on stamina refills to auto grind out items. A trading system would provide no real benefit to them. Plus you would definitely have people abusing it and have 2nd and 3rd accounts created just to trade items. Good idea but again I don’t see a reason the devs would implement it.

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It’s been brought up before. At this time, it’s not something we’re looking to do, but thanks for going into detail and explaining your thoughts!


I need this, I have 15k+ quick win tickets and 1k+ bottles I think its an awesome idea


Bencede bu şekilde birsey yapılması gerekiyor elimizde cok fazla sayıda item, baskın bileti bulunuyor ve bunların hiçbiri işe yaramıyor.bu sekilde kasa gibi bisey getirilsin bizde elimizde fazla olanlari orada satıp paraya cevirelim ve bu uygulama diğer bütün oyunlarda mevcut


Wow, this is a great idea! I know the devs aren’t working to release this anytime soon but hopefully one day they do. Again, great idea


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