Global Market Idea

Note: Already Posted on Discord But Needs Lots of Refining! Would like feedback!
Idea: a global market. Devs set a base price for each item and people sell items here for 80% price. The price will continue to fluctuate up and Down based on how many are stored up in the market, with minimum and maximum prices of course. Only parts like gear fragments and qw tickets can be sold.

This allows people to get rid of items they don’t need and get something extra from it. And if u guys want limit the number of transactions people can make based on team level and vip level to stop this from being a energy replacement.

It’s nice for vets who have hundreds of green guns lying around and it’s a good ticket dump for those who have tens of thousands. And it also allows high level vip 0’s sustain a positive qw ticket amount as many of us are losing tickets very quickly.

If the devs really wanted to, they could also add a small gold transaction fee of like 5-20 gold per transaction to help balance things out.

This is overall a way for players to help each other and make something out of it. I understand that something like this would be very difficult to make, but I would overall like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to consider my suggestion.



I personally love this idea and would love to see it implemented!

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There are a lot of games on the computer that have this exact thing. It’s called the auction house. It’s a great way to get rid of items you don’t want. Or to pick up ones you do.

But the thing about an auction house is that people have to have interest in what youre buying. Chances are that people will not buy your 200 green guns you’re trying to auction, so that puts you back to square one. A global market on the other hand guarantees you get some money out of it.

Maybe, but lower level people may actually buy that stuff. Because you get to decide what you want for it.

I like your idea though. I’m just throwing out there something else for them to possibly look at if they don’t want to go with yours.

Interesting Idea:

Why not both?

Why not have a global market for Quick win tickets and green to plat items, then auctions for plat items. This may help balance things a little in terms of money cost.