Survivors crate is money bait

Seriously. I spend 1500 gold for resets of dojo raid, don’t miss any free raids which play with trades and still don’t get this skin. My partner got 6 doubles of this. How this possible? Look like someone players just absolutely don’t have main goal of event box in crate pool. I opened really big amount of this. More than 100. And this is just rare skin. Not legendary, lol.

Sweet fairly tales about most wanted box in another thrades look very poor. You got only very minimal chance obtain needed skin from almost hundred of them. Plus this crates force you play many-many hours in most boring game mode in HH.

Why bother with the duran skin? He’s not even top 10 in power

i got it at the first try.


My partner with same amount of resets. Skin has 8% of chance, but don’t drop. I got tons of useless for me things witn much less percentage. Fragments of MK Core III–V, rainbow tokens and even 1 gilded token, but not skin. I need compensation and this skin. Because now this look like misleading. If you show of percentage drop this is must work correctly.

It’s all probability. Everyone has the same chance of getting an item from a Crate.

This may help:


EA and Ubisoft think the same. Before of all this scandals with loot crates. XD

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If you don’t may garanted of corrrect work of percentage in info section why you show this and post links about probability? If this completely randome box write about this and I never spend any gold for nothing. Randome sucks.

Your complaint and feedback were included in the first post. You’re just spinning your wheels and repeating the same tired points. Closing this, as there’s no new content, and a 0% chance of you coming to any new conclusions.