Drop rate of bounty event crate is really true

when open the golden/hero crates then always we get the mostly 9 /10 times the highest droping rate items.
Aslo when we open the hero crate they dont give we 7or5 star hero always becouse
When we open a hero crate there is also low percentage of droping this heros…so we understand
but in bounty event crate we dont get according to the drop rate even bounty crate i opened 4 times in row but not a single bous hero give me. Event heros have higher droping percentage than other heros but there is always given you a less percentage heros but also there is no chance of giving 5or7 star heros.
If you want too see records sir suyog is my gaming id check it…

It may seem that way, but the odds are correct, and the weighting is even. The game does not decide to pick from a different pool unless stated as such, such as in the Tier Crates. We don’t skew things with different crates. If you see a 2% chance, it’s a 2% chance.

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