Swedish alliance looking for new hunters!

[SVE] SwedenWarriors now have some spots open for new, active players willing to contribute in alliance events. Knowledge of Swedish facilitates and ups the chances of advancement within the alliance, but isn’t a formal requirement. Minimum level is currently set to 75 and we have players ranging from around 300k~800k of power. Feel free to apply or drop me a line* if you have any enquiries (preferably in Swedish or English).

Side note: For Forged Fantasy players I have a similar themed alliance as well, called [SWE] Sweden Knights. Feel free to join me and plenty of other Swedes there as well!

  • My in-game name is “Jonas den Store” in both games.

Happy hunting! Cheers!

oof im free at 651 k power

Nice! You’re welcome to apply and we’ll take it from there!