[TAC] Tacticians Recruiting Soldiers!

Hello Soldiers,

The Alliance [TAC] Tacticians is Recruiting active Players.
We are a casual Alliance noone is forced to do or reach something, except off inactivity and participating in Alliance Missions.
To join the Alliance you need to have a Level off 45+ and no Power Requirement.
If you cant find the Alliance try to add me „PsychoGun“.
Sometimes we get some Open Slots when we have to remove inactive People, try youre luck to join then, if the Alliance is Full you maybe have to wait if you want to join us until the next Open Slot.
Just play the Game and have fun.

Rules are really typical and casual friendly:

  • Dont be inactive for 2 Days
  • Participate in Alliance Missions (not forced to reach a specific Damage just play it atleast sometime)
  • be friendly and respectful in the Chat

Best regards,