Help me with any halo team. Please

I’ve only got halo platinum but I am not very experienced on this game and this is my new and only game I’ve played as team games. I’ve been playing only solo games before. Like football and racing games. If anyone can help me with any good halo teams it would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot for stopping by and the ideas.

Any hero that does elemental dmg can proc Halo’s platinum skill. Some of the heroes that work nicely with Halo are: Mauler, Savage, Hivemind, Scum, Maven, Ghoul and Caine. Want to see the big robot in GW melt fast? Put Halo and Ghoul on your team. Want to shred City Hall or Dojo? Pair Hivemind with Halo. Mauler, Savage, Caine and Ghoul or Maven mesh nicely with her in PVP. I’m sure some of the other forum peeps can expand on my list.

Caine? Non of his skills works with Halo.
Every active active skill works and every passing skill that deals xx damage per second.

In PvP Mauler+Irfit works best i would say and in PvE Hivemind, Halloway. Since Mavens gold randomly attacks an opponent the combination with Halo gives some benefit in PvE and PvP

Don’t Caine’s Counter Measures proc Halo’s plat?

Not since she was nerfed some month ago.

Damn. I need to get out more. Well…back to my bunker.

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Mauler+Ifrit but need Platinum Mauler.

Hivemind/Halloway bots.

So basically halo needs heros that their non active skills are damage? Is that what it is?

Yes, passive skills that can active halo’s plat tend to be better because you can activate them more often.

halo has some great options because of her platinum ability, and i’ve seen different heroes paired with her have their moments (baron and savage), but if you want to pair another hero today (november 3) with her, then i would use mauler. he seems to be a devastating hero paired with her and is great counter to panzer teams. i personally run a panzer team and besides identical matches the only time i ever get slaughtered and just completely shut down is when i have someone who knows how to use mauler with halo.

so mauler - halo - mandrake - ifrit - night would be a great setup. i personally like adding savage because i seem to be able to make it work but i would def be in the minority on that now. hope that helps, the game is a lot of fun because of pvp. compared to most games this one is cheap and has some great gameplay