Team Randomization feature for Veterans + Retirees

I don’t make many suggestions, but something I find myself doing is picking random heroes blindly and running them in pvp and in co-ops. I find it gives me a challenge and forces me to improvise with a team comp which may not always work, but one which forces me to manually pick a hero to pilot and go with.

Maybe a random team-selection button would be a nice feature to add, something which picks
your heroes randomly regardless of what role they fill. It could be discretely added next to the hero sorting feature, and be catered to old veterans like me wanting to spice up my matches, or trolling players looking to cause a bit of mayhem.


Great idea. I would like to have this.

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I really like this idea!!

To me this is a weird request. Since this game is based on creating setups. Picking smart. And not on randomizing. Since you always face different opponents that always have their strengths and weaknesses i don’t see the point of it. Unless you really want a challenge try. Then, try playing at your max level or pick Torque. Klayton. Pris. Salvatore and Briar

What instead i would love to see. Is a bot making a team on you based on roles. Since everything seems to be classified as something close to their purpose

Nice ideal, I’m the perfect example of it.Look up Royals333 and check my hero’s. Different hero’s besides top 10 makes you sec guess on who to attack and what happen is what players say when you lose to them.

Really like this idea. Not something I’d use every round, but something to mix things up. Would give a small challenge to the player. I’m interested! :+1:t2:

I really like that idea. Also a PvP event where everyone gets a random team from his roster would be funny.


Definitely has my vote. Even if I don’t like pvp. But it definitely would show where the real skill is at with a player.


I hardly even play pvp anymore, something like this could get me back into it

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