Just a thought

It would make PVP fun again if there was a PVP RANDOM section available besides regular PVP. Select PVP RANDOM & have no control over the heroes selected for battle. It would make PVP much more interesting.

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Why not?
Also, new arenas and interactive stuff in the arenas, like “shoot the probe that appears on random to make it explode and hurt nearby enemies”.

Agreed, and it would be best for both players to play exactly the same loadout.

I agree. The pvp should be determined by how you use that hero skillfully, not by randomness. As it’s skill based, this pvp thing needs to be 1v1 duel. Quick match, small rewards and less hearts will be lost. (just my 2 cents.)

Glad you brought this up!
I agree that a mode like this should be introduced. I put a suggestion in for this a while back which didn’t get much feedback.
I would love to see this implemented.

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