The cost in war coins of war boosters (e.g. surprise attack)

Please can you reconsider the cost in war coins of the various war boosters? Man of our team have sold all the spare equipment that they had and we will soon get to a time when players can no longer afford to pay for th3 boosters such as surprise attac.


Maybe thats a good thing. I personally think the WC prices across the board are fair. Now we are seeing a level off. Players have burned through their stash and they have to decide if they want to give up gold or farm cheap equipement from the silver crates for WC. Aslo forces alliances to spend them more wisely. With the double BP for surprise attacks, this leaves more room for strategy and less dependency on HQ boost. Wars were crazy for a while when the conversion started, its nice to finally see HQ boost being used strategically and wisely.


Yep at the start of alliance wars I had over 40k+ coins and everyone had improvements in the war. Now I have only 2k and improvements take much longer go build

But the big alliances with more older players have much more equipment to sell, making it unfair on newer players and teams. Spending gold for war coins should not be an option imho. This will male war a pay to win event.

Since when does the experience not have to be paid for? If someone has been playing for 2 years and has accumulated many resources, you cannot ask to be at his same level, if you have just started. it seems quite obvious to me

Everything is pay to win if you look at it the right way. This is what happens in all games like this. Your fooling yourself if you dont think this is their core value for earning funds to support this game.
Those old players have already farmed their equipment. They have already used it in abundance. Thats the level off. The older and more powerful alliances go up against others like themselves. We will never fight new players and new alliances. Lowering the cost would lessen the strategy aspect of HQ boosts that us big boys are just now starting to see. HQ boosts should be a option not a style of playing.

This seems like as intended. As I mentioned in the thread to the people complaining about surprise attack, this was probably intentional because eventually people will run out of items they had for years.

I understand that one of the recent posters says that this makes a more PTW system. Although I agree, the key boosters are so darn expensive I don’t see how anyone is neutral or net-gain on warcoins in each war. Eventually everyone will run out if they overabuse rushes/builds. Unfortunately it requires that those who were playing longer to burn out their war coins which will take more time than some of the newer players. I feel like this applies mostly to middle tiers where there are a mix between old causal players and newer eager players. Reducing it cost doesn’t put everyone on an even playing field, it just delays the inevitable (or makes it so war coins are just useless since everyone will have a surplus).

If anything, I’d love it to be more expensive so everyone would burn out their war coins and purchases would be more strategic. Maybe I know the wrong people but I don’t know many who buy the war coin packages for the war coin (if anything youd rather your enemy PTW people buy those instead of more worthwhile packages).

There’s only one thing about AW that needs changing at this point and that is surprise attack providing a shield when the sector is taken. Being able to jump to wherever on the map and hit a 2* sector and be shielded for 8 hours, untouchable behind enemy lines, is really the only thing about AW that is NOT like a real war at this point. Take away that shield and if you wanna drop your boys behind enemy lines you better make em big…that’s how it should be.


although not always effective (for example if you don’t connect before shield down)

Regarding relevance to this topic, the increase in war coins of scouting (plus the double investment of non-farmable bp) already makes this such a risk. #keepwarcoinsrare

So, in which of these two operations did the troops behind enemy lines get to NOT continue fighting until their own forces arrived?

The fortification part… unless you suggest that all shields should be removed…

Think about one of the early when the super high defense boosts were around on a small map and it was all front line fighting. It was pretty much stalemate the entire time. Surprise attacks now costs a good amount of coins, bp and coordination (recapture is twice the amount of a surprise attack). With those 2 star locations it takes at least 5 people to coordinate leaving you at a deficit of BP. Think of the shield as whatever you want… fortification… railroad sabotage… whatever, something needs to happen otherwise you just recap with less bp than someone spent to try to coordinate.

I support the increase costs (like war coins in research, scout) of surprise attack. I think eliminating it (as removing the shield would effectively do) is a bit unneccesary and will lead to stalemates of yesteryear. Perhaps a different discussion thread can revolve around halving the shield time? Although those other alliances you are trying to beat also cannot be cut off, so you’re taking a piece of strategy that you can possibly use to beat other alliances in the point game.

I’m just saying that in both of the operations you cited…which I read by the way and thank you for that because it was very interesting…the dropped in forces had to fight like hell, not just sit there all snug a bug. But, I see your point. I think it would be reasonable for surprise attacks to have a 1 hour shield. That would equate reasonably to the enemy recovery time of being surprised and then mustering a counter offensive while the attacking team attempts to connect with the surprised sector to defend it. This would make surprise attack more like it should be which is a short cut off so that your team can capture a patch of territory instead of what it is now which is a long dive deep into enemy territory to cut off large swaths followed up by little or no ability to take those territories.