The Official Hero Hunters Baseball Team

I didn’t want to do my 27 pages of history notes so I did this instead. I’m fairly sure that 90% of people here don’t know what baseball is anyways, so I don’t think anyone will care, but this exists anyways. Enjoy.

I actually play baseball so the positions I put the heroes in actually is based of my expertise of the game. Ask me any questions about why I put certain heroes in particular positions if you have them.

Edit: I revised my lineup!

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Why is Savage first base and not pitcher?

Have you seen Mauler’s two seam? Nasty! No way savage can beat that.

Just thought it would be hard to get a clean hit if he starts his spray skill.
But would probably always be a walk because of he hits the batter to often :sweat_smile:

why no Halloway? I could see him doing really well in the outfield, since he can create multiples of himself to cover more ground.

Hallow is too slow. Even with his clones, they’re too slow to beat out fracie who is swift as hell and Drake who can relocate right under than ball… if he proves himself to be a better leader than oracle (which isn’t easy) I’ll give him center.

where is chesterfield?
and why ronin not 4th at bat?

I’d put Razorback as 1B. He’s athletic, big, and has personality. I like a 1B to have some flair. Oro would be good, he reminds me of a Frank Thomas or such.

Heimlock for 3B. He just looks like a baseball player. Castellan is a good pick however.

  1. Hideo (2nd)
  2. Ryker (CF)
  3. Heimlock (3rd)
  4. Razorback (1B)
  5. Mandrake (LF)
  6. Yanglong ©
  7. Odachi (SS)
  8. Hardscope (RF)
  9. Mauler §

No DH because I like the National League.


Razorback at first? I’ll think about it… it just seems like it would be hard to get a ball past savage (I want to fat shame him so hard now)…
Hideo at second? Great idea! Now I can Francie out of the outfield and have ghoul play right. Heim at 3rd… Pretty good idea, I’ll think about it.
Also I’m not having Mauler hit. He’s just gonna hit choppy ground balls, have you seen him swing? Also he’s freaking slow, probably cause he’s like 70 or something. I don’t want him hurting his back giving me his hard 90.

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Damn your lineup look intimidating! Can’t wait for this update in Big Win Baseball!

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I don’t get it.

Can anyone ELI5 this please?