THREE STARS in the stadium

11-9. 11-10. I’ve beaten them both, but I haven’t 3-starred either one. I know there are a ton of people out there in a similar sitch. What am I missing? Do I just need a kerjillion stamina and luck, or is there a more reliable method?

[Edit: add 12-10 to the list.]

Your heroes aren’t optimal for those levels to get 3*. At least how I beat 11-9 and 11-10 to get 3*. I ran Dogface and 4 tanks that can heal or gives a shield. I believe I used Dogface, Phalanx, Heimlock, Matador and Mandrake, and just blasted the helios/objective heroes with Dogface.

I actually don’t remember how I got 3* on 12-10 might have been with the Mauler, Halo and Ifrit combo before the nerf but I could possibly have used the same comp as I did with 11-9 and 11-10.

I did it before the Mauler nerf… It was actually really easy back then. I’ve tried since and had trouble getting 3 stars and I’m 770k power.

Uh…that’s not encouraging.

I just did pretty easy this time actually… I used 4bar 9star Ronin, and 10 star 1 bar dog. Butter, Heim, and Caine.

All had 75% or more health left.

Any other suggestions. I beat it already but I forget who I used. I know it’s a common question