The pumpkin hunt is really well executed!

Kudos for this event. It’s great fun to pop the pumpkins and see the community work together to track the pumpkins down. No bugs, no glitches. The Halloween store itself is nice. All in all, a good and well executed event!

(Seeing something unexpected appear on the battlefield (in this case pumpkin) brings excitement. You should consider putting gold bars and additional bucks at total random throughout the maps by default!)


Was looking for this in feedback so I created the same topic there.

I wonder if this “greedy pigs” message has been added just for this event or was always there (2nd fight of sector 4/5 gauntlet)


Always was, but it does seem more fitting now hahah

And welcome back @GTSaiko

Agreed, awesome event.

Would be cool if there was an exclusive prize for finding all 100/100 pumpkins though
(Like a cool portrait).

Also, strongly agree with your suggestion.


I didn’t like the hunt when I heared of it, my bad

didn’t expect to enjoy it this much, the rewards are amazing, the community is booming, awsome job devs, so much fun!

From the disaster of the last Bounties to this mind blowing greatly executed event. Well done hothead well done. Can’t wait to find more

That’s enough text here, thanks for the enjoyment!

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love the scavenger hunt

I agree I am having a great time working together with the alliance and the community to find the pumpkins. One of the Devs was on earlier in the morning and confirmed a similar event for Christmas can’t wait to find some Christmas stuff. This should be something they do for Holidays like 4th of July or similar events this is a great thing the Devs did great job. Now lets fix the bounties timer. The holiday store has a lot of good rewards that are well worth the effort just wish they had gold in the store to earn, but hey the cash they have is good thank you Developers for a great event.

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Awesome! Hyped for my first Hero Hunter Christmas.

Normal chat and VIP chat became game focused again. People sharing their pumpkin finds. Haha a really well made event. =)

Anyone done the math and found out the maximum amount of tokens you can get is?

Edit: NVM found it, about 16.900 corn to buy entire store.
And maximum amount you can get is about 14.100 corn.

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you also have a daily login of 300 tokens

its very well made. Sadly, im not going to be able to complete the list due to not being able to progress in the hard mode :frowning: ive done what i can when it comes to the normal missions, but hard, i just cant do it. i’ll still make it to get the ghoul and razorback skin. but this is where i lose

I am in the same boat I only have 81 pumpkins because the rest are on missions I haven’t beat yet. but I have everything out of the store minus the select hero frags and the Razor back Skin. This was a super great event thank you Devs. I can’t wait for the Christmas Hunt in the Near future.

Love this Festive event. Nice to have the community all working together…Im super excited about the festive skins, but wish you could have made one outfit for one of the female characters :jack_o_lantern::ghost:great job on putting this all together:)

idea:?? for the up coming holiday maybe create a female Santa’s outfit :slight_smile: for Min or any female character maybe. Santa and an elf lol :slight_smile:

Happy Halloween Everyone :ghost::jack_o_lantern: