What This Game Needs

Most of the things I will list below are topics consistently brought up by the community, but have yet to be addressed by the developers. I believe these are the biggest issues we currently have with the game. I will list the issues then list why I feel like they are a problem.

Other than a few reward updates, bounty game play has gone largely unchanged since it was first released years ago. The only change I can remember is the time being reduced, and new heroes added. After awhile this leads to them feeling very boring and mundane. Not only that, but spawning bounties feels like a huge waste most the time. Why do so many <70 bounties spawn in Alliances with all 95+ players? This should be a rare occurrence and most spawns should be in the 85-99 range if you are level 95+. Because of this bounties not only feel like a boring chore, they also take a ton of time to complete AND require a significant amount of resources (and this isn’t even mentioning the lopsided elemental types that spawn vs the bonus hero types…)

Getting top tier ruby takes WAY to long. For the average player, to get a hero to ruby takes roughly two months. This is without spending any significant real money or any events. I get the developers need to artificially draw out leveling, but that is entirely too long. 206 MK6 frags and 157 MK5 is a ton to ask when you only get 1 or 2 per 100 stamina used. An easy solution here seems like it would be to make MK5 available in the Alliance Store. That way we could at least buy the MK5 and just worry about collecting MK6 frags from story mode. This brings me to my next point…

The stores have not been touched in years. They are in dire need of a revamp. Half the items in them are completely useless. Bronze xp and silver fuel cells in the Alliance store? Gold xp and skin tokens in the Heronium? Most newer players don’t have the heronium/gems to buy these things and most veteran players don’t need them, so why are they even there? Meanwhile players are in dire need of ruby gear and MK5 fragments yet they are not available anywhere but story mode.

Co-Op Raids
Again, most of these have not been touched in years and if they have, they were very minor updates. It gets really boring playing the same Helios/Dojo/GW/CH raids over and over and over again. Then add to it the monthly events which re-use the same levels and it makes things that much worse. Why have there not been any new levels/raids added to the game in over a year? Other than 4 new PVP maps, I don’t think I have seen any updates here in what seems like forever.


Thanks for the feedback and detail! This echoes a lot of what I’ve been hearing from players. Thanks for summarizing it.


I agree with most of what you’ve pointed out here. But, I would like to say that I do have a need for skin tokens in the heronium store. I buy them to level up new skins. The alliance store having having xp and low level fuel cells and the like I believe is good to keep there for low level players using alliance rewards to shop there. Generally speaking I don’t think ANY items should be removed from the current stores, they should just be expanded to have a greater variety of items that appeals to a much wider range of player power.

As far as new content such as playable maps for coops/raids…those are probably coming. I’m not a programmer but I’d bet some programming/coding would be involved and that takes time and testing i’d bet.

As for the Ruby hero issue…drawn out leveling is needed or we’ll all be maxed out before HH has “beyond level 100” ready to push out. Remember that no matter what, everyone is playing the same game with the same grind so no one is getting one up on anyone unless they are paying for it. Which isn’t a bad thing because those are the people, in addition to advertising revenues, keeping this game alive and funding new content.


i just want mk cores on stores, new coop level (95)… i would like a way to trade pieces, gold, tokens and bucks with others players or alliance members… in fact anothers games from Hostead have it…(kill shot bravo i think.)


You can put gold and bucks into an Alliance Bank, which can be used by the Commander to purchase upgrades for the Alliance, in Kill Shot Bravo. You can’t trade those currencies between players. That is not something we’re looking to do.

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Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear. I know the Alliance and Heronium stores are the only places to get skin tokens. However, they seem drastically over priced. 900 Alliance Gems for 25 Skin Tokens? The same goes with some of the other items I mentioned like the xp, and other stores like the Black Market. Even at lower levels I never bought some of that stuff. It’s just too expensive for what you get. Who spends 20 gold for 20 green xp, or 20 gold for 10 quick win tickets?

As for getting heroes ruby tier, I get they need to artificially draw it out, but I feel like it’s too way too long at this point. Needing over 350 MK5/6 cores to get ruby, on top of everything else means it takes roughly 2 months to ruby a hero that is already 5 bar platinum. With 102 heroes, that means it would take 204 months to level all heroes to ruby, or… 17 years. Even if you add in events you are still looking at 10 years to get all heroes to ruby, or 5 years to get even half there (not including the 1-2 new heroes added per month).

I know you are not meant to ruby every hero, especially if you are F2P, but the amount of time to ruby even one is excessive. It makes people lose interest because it takes so long to get even a single hero maxed out. A couple weeks to a month max feels good, 2 months is just way to long.


I think in wars commander and xo should be able to control and move there alliances teams ie moveing bonus heros onto 2 star secters removeing players off an enemy secter u have made peace with i no we can if we own the secter but if the other team own it u cant remove ur guys and not every1 on to move them ao i think it would make it easyer if we could do it instead

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We have no plans to allow any player to make choices on behalf of another player, including taking command of their Hero rosters. Thanks.


Nice summary @Munkey. I would personally love to see 1 or 2 harder tiers of difficulty added in solo/co-op raids, incorporating Ruby enemies.

Also, the big ‘hero’ enemies in co-op raids do get predictable, and as a result, players can prepare for them. If there was a way to randomize them each time, perhaps that would be a curveball to predicable team compositions, just like pvp bots are randomized. Just a thought.


Well first, bounty has been updated a few times. They added better rewards and sometimes they throw in gilded coins and sometimes they do not.

For the MK frags, because of all the complaining I assume they have been doing a lot of events and basically giving them away compared to grinding for them in normal missions.

I can understand what you are saying but I feel like you are missing a lot of what the developers have been doing for everyone.

Just imagine the examples I have just listed now imagine there maybe 10x more done that I forgot or may not be aware of currently or in the near future…


Level 90 co op raid can be hard sometimes, I have a couple accounts and a few of them are level 91-93 and have trouble with them at times.

What I would love is to be able to sell ruby parts for war coins and hell more ways to get war coins. I keep sabotaging my enemies and I used all mine haha

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Excellent suggestions and lvel 95 coops are More necessary

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I’d also ask for a change up on the reward for the Gorgon Walks. Perhaps even an option to consolidate the Gorgon walk mission for players who are at 90 or above.

An easier way to come across MK5 & MK6 frags for ruby - currently it’s easier to farm ruby equipment (not that I’m complaining) than it is to farm MK5&6 frags which is outrageous. I’d suggest making them available in the alliance and heronium store.

Adjusting the price of the universal fragment. It’s 500 for 10 elemental but 1000 for the universal something about that does not seem right. I’d favor getting rid of the universal all together and giving the difference in elemental.

Loadout options - maybe I like a specific loadout going into battle but I don’t want to scroll thru my list and look for them.

And please for the love of all that is holy update the chat system

  • autocorrect is a nuisance
  • alliance wide direct message
  • add more rankings to make players feel more cherished and respected. officer and XO is too minimalistic

That’s all I got so far and I agree with what others have said. Love the game but there is always space to improve.


I guess I’ll just leave it like this…the stores need overhauling. I agree.

Now, onto this matter: “Needing over 350 MK5/6 cores to get ruby, on top of everything else means it takes roughly 2 months to ruby a hero that is already 5 bar platinum. With 102 heroes, that means it would take 204 months to level all heroes to ruby, or… 17 years. Even if you add in events you are still looking at 10 years to get all heroes to ruby, or 5 years to get even half there (not including the 1-2 new heroes added per month).”

2 months to ruby a hero that’s already 5 bar platinum!!! I’m taking heroes from 0 and 1 bar platinum to ruby in less than half that time…and that’s not trying very hard either. Not sure where your figures are coming from, maybe there’s some aspect of how you play, or how often you play, that takes you 2 months to ruby a hero…I’m not sure. Oh, and no, I’m not buying core packs, or anything else.

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I’m just using rough numbers. In a single day you get around 600 sta if you log in and collect the bonus every time. Averaging 2 MK frags per 100 sta gives you around 12 frags per day. That’s 17 days to get all the MK6 frags and 13 more to get all the MK5. So that’s a solid month if you don’t get anything but MK frags.

Now I know there are tons of events that give sta, but also keep in mind the above numbers are if you log on and get the bonus sta every time it’s available, and if you never let your sta max out. This also isn’t taking into account the other equipment you need, or leveling up the hero of the month.

Right. That’s what I mean. PVP and other events have stamina rewards. Quite substantial ones. And they all go into MK’s and farming whatever gear I need for the hero i’m working on. If you are just checking in daily for the stamina rewards then of course it will take a while.

It’s getting the new hero’s from 4 bar to Ruby that grinds my gears.

Needing to get those 157 mkV frags for 5th bar, and then another 157 mkV frags required for the mkVI token in addition to the 206 mkVI frags…that’s just rude.

That’s where it takes 2 months to get a new character Ruby

War changes:
After experiencing a less active alliance that has been teamed against in multiple wars I would suggest changing how war starts. In my experience most wars are won by being on at reset and having permanent partner alliances. I recommend starting the wars with an evenly divided map with all sectors shielded for 2-5 hours. This will allow all teams to place strategic defenses and let more players participate in the beginning of war. If these aren’t adjustable I would recommend adding more computer defenses to the one and two stars at the start of war. Just thinking…a change might be good

My point was most people miss at least a few sta log ins per week, and let their sta max out so they miss out on some there. I am sure events help make up for this, but I would think it’s pretty even in the end.

Even if it’s not, you also need an MK5 core to get to 5 bar plat, so add on another 13 days to that time. That puts you at 43 days to go from 4 bar plat to ruby. Then add in all the gold, platinum, and ruby gear you need besides just the MK, and you are easily looking at nearly 2 months per ruby hero, even with all the extra event stamina.

I looked and I got level 95 around the end of August. In 3 months I have 12 ruby heroes. However, I had materials for 3 the second I hit 95, and then have gotten 5 more from the recent pumpkin event and just got one from the token festival. Soo… in 3 months I have gotten 2 heroes ruby through sta basically. This is with finishing all dailies, finishing at least top 500 for most events, and being in a top 20 Alliance

I will make it short. Story lines a scene once in awhile would be nice, like when a new hero drops show a small clip featuring them talking, and using they skills.