Who's Idea Was it to Make Ruby at 95?

When it was announced both platinum 6 bar AND ruby were only going to available at level 100 I know there was a lot of criticism surrounding that decision. People were upset because there were going to be no new ranks achievable for several months due to how long it takes to level up past 90. However, it seemed like a knee jerk reaction to the criticism to allow both to be reached at level 95?

Why was this done, rather than the more sensible ruby at level 100 and 6 bar platinum at 95? This way people would still have had something to look forward on their way to 100 and something to break up the 5 levels. Instead changing everything to 95 seems to have caused several issues.

First, everyone who strived (and paid a lot) to get to 100 first had their accomplishment diminished. Would they have spent to much to get to 100 if they had known everything was going to be available at 95? There isn’t a ton of reason to rush to level 100 now since the levels increase power by very little.

Second, there is now a HUGE power divide between level 94 and 95. If it was just platinum 6 bar at 95, then ruby at 100, it would have helped curve the power spike. Instead you get not one, but two new ranks at 95 and it makes for a huge jump. This really effects two game modes, Alliance Wars and PVP.

In AW, the top team before 95 is around 127k. At 95 it skyrockets to 149k. That 22k difference makes it MUCH harder to kill these teams for anyone not 95. You must use more resources AND better coordination with your team. Had 95 only been 6 bar platinum the max team power would still be in the 130s and something a level 94 player could deal with.

The other aspect that was dramatically affected is PVP. I have yet to beat a ruby team. Every team with even 1 ruby hero is able to achieve 100k DPS. That’s absolutely ridiculous and such a huge jump over what pretty much an level 94 heroes can do on a consistent basis. How do you overcome 100k DPS? That means a ruby 95 is able to kill one of your heroes about even 6-7 seconds without any support, more like 5 seconds or less with:


You answered your own question there. All about the Benjamins


It would have made more sense to keep ruby at 100 then? People would have kept spending money to get it. Now they will stop at 95 instead?

I agree with this but 1. I am pretty sure the 2 at 100 were compensated with something, idk what and 2. D3 and D4 extreme is out now and that makes it easy to grind. You just gotta grind it out now, the game has always been a grind and has always had a divide at the top. We were beating 150/160k teams before ruby was released and we will continue to do it longer after

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I’m sure because so many people complained about it they didn’t want to hear it anymore. It was a quick cash grab because so many people tried to rush to reach it and I’m sure the only reason it was changed to 95 was because someone hit the wrong button and a bunch of people started making their hero’s ruby

I bet after ruby it will be sapphire or emerald like pokemon games. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Did someone say Sapphyr?! :wink:



It was me, DIO! :grimacing:

I’m sure it was dev @Yosai

I’m curious to see what free thing gets dubbed a Cash Grab next. My money is on the four new PvP maps.

It’s a difficult situation. When people are upset, and we don’t react with lightning speed, we’re told we don’t care. If we listen to feedback and make changes, we’re told we make knee-jerk responses. In this era of unmitigated developer access, through social media and forums, gamers seem to detest the people who make games for them more than ever before, and that’s disheartening.

Regardless, we do what we feel is best for the community. It might be something you disagree with. That’s fine. You’ll vote with your time and your dollars, and we’ll adjust accordingly. We’ll keep letting you know about changes and updates as soon as we can, and you’re welcome to make up your own mind and share your thoughts about what we’ve done.

I’m aware that responding in any way to an angy topic will only stoke the fire and generate negative responses, but if we don’t respond once in awhile, you might think we’ve abandoned you. We haven’t. We read everything you post, and we talk about it, and we try to make the best calls we can. I’m sorry they don’t always excite and delight as they’re meant to.


This is understandable, but being a “cash grab” wasn’t suppose to be the main point of this topic. I was mainly questioning why you seem to have went the extreme one way with the new ranks, then the extreme the other way. Why no middle ground?

You guys released 10 new levels, why didn’t you make 6 bar plat achievable at level 95 and then ruby at 100? This would have been a great middle ground and I feel like it would have alleviated a lot of criticism and issues we are seeing.

I agree with the dramatic decision of changing it all to level 95. Maybe put platinum 6 at 95 and ruby at 100. I worked my pvp team around and have been doing just fine now against ruby and plat 6 heros, but still can be difficult. But then again I dont know the data behind the game so it’s just an outside opinion.

@Muninn thank you to all of you for all the work you’re doing during this pandemic. Probsbly not easy to work from home and communicate with each other. And thanks for pushing out 4 new maps for now. But I must say every time I see a response from a developer it seems like you guys are more offended by suggestions than using it to help build the game with your responses.
I understand most of us do not know the work that goes into these games, but work on your public relations with the people who play and pay for the game.

Thabks guys

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Nobody’s offended by suggestions. I mentioned our process in an even, metered way, and said you’re welcome to them. I’m sorry my tone made you upset.

If you’re talking specifically about the Cash Grab remark, that proves a point.

Lmao no one is upset. But like I said. Work on your public relations when responding.

Same would go with any business.

I assumed your tone, the same as you assumed mine. See what can happen? The point is to use this as a teachable moment.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Yes you can use this as a teachable moment.

But I still love the game and work you guys are putting in it. thanks

The problem is you do not always come off the most diplomatic. You come off much more “this is our game, we know best, this is the way it is going to be”. If a topic is not going in the developers favor it seems like it is very quick to get shut down the second it goes off topic or people start insulting each other (which definitely shouldn’t happen, but put them in time out, don’t close engaging topics because of one or two bad apples, just my opinion.). I have been on other game forums and rarely see topics get shut down so easily or quickly.

Other times we get very generic responses about you guys having all the data and metrics to back up your decision and basically tell us we wouldn’t understand or can’t be privy to it. Some times this seems like a cop out you use. I get you can’t share everything, but we also aren’t idiots. For example why was no mention made that new PVP maps were coming this month and to stay tuned? I know this has been a big gripe and people would have loved to know some new content like that was on the way.

Maybe you guys intentionally nerfed Shiv hard because she was used so much and you wanted her to take a back seat to other heroes? If we knew that I think there would be a lot less complaining about the seemingly over nerfing. Instead it came off as too harsh and like you guys aren’t totally aware of what is happening in the current PVP meta.

Lastly some suggestions are made and it seems like there is no apparent reason for not liking them. That or you seem contradictory. For example making the silver crate buyable at 100x per purchase has been brought up. I know you said at first you didn’t want players making mistakes and wasting the cash on accidental purchases, but then later said you didn’t like the suggestion either. At max level you get more than 650k cash in a single day from Gauntlet so accidentally purchasing 100 silver crates would only slightly affect newer players. Meanwhile you have left other crates like the hero one still stay at 2700 gold for 10 purchases without a confirmation button first. This kind of thing is MUCH more a problem with people accidentally buying the hero crate and wasting nearly a months worth of saved gold. However it still remains in the game.

I know this has gotten way off topic, so I will loop it back around to my original point. That is why was platinum 6 not done at level 95 and ruby at 100? This seems like a much better compromise to the roads you guys actually took.


I’ll pass your feedback along. Thanks!

Wish muninn would comment on my Bounty Reward milestone idea… in general discussions > feedback and ideas >bounty reward 2

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