Bruh, how long is it gonna take from level 90 to 100?

Considering the months long trek I took from 85 to 90… oh ho ho! Can’t wait to get a Hero to Ruby rank next year!


Thanks to LogicBombs Math skills

The most team EXP one can get without spending on gold resets, energy from crates or rewards is 2,680 per day. This is assuming they use evergy ONLY for farming team EXP in the most efficient manner, and it also assumes using all of your energy before it’s capped.

92,000 exp for level 92 = 34 days
100,000 exp for level 93 = 37 days
120,000 exp for level 94 = 45 days
Assuming the level exp needed for the next levels stays at a 20k increase.
140,000 exp for 95 = 52 days
160,000 exp for 96 = 60 days
180,000 exp for 97 = 67 days
200,000 exp for 98 = 75 days
220,000 exp for 99 = 82 days
240,000 exp for 100 = 90 days

Grand total being 542 days to reach 100 from 91.

Start Date February 19, 2020. Estimated Completion Dates. 92 = March 24, 2020 / 93 = April 30, 2020 / 94 = June 14, 2020 / 95 = August 5, 2020 / 96 = October 13, 2020 97 = December 19, 2020 / 98 = March 4, 2021 / 99 = May 25, 2021 , 100 =August 23, 2021


Basically, if you played it non relaxed it would take a year from now. Good to know :stuck_out_tongue:

(EDIT: hold up 2 years)

Correction - Year and a half. Lol

Thanks for posting logics math, yeah he sat down and mapped out all the xp it would take and so far it seems to be correct of a 20k jump each level.

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It will take a while but it is also fun to re-experience the game again on a more challenging level. Keep in mind that ruby gear is also limited at the moment, takes a long time to farm it for a large roster. It will come organically as you level up.

Those who are ahead and are leveling up through gold are still bottlenecked with Ruby gear even if they hit level 100 now.

With the all stamina rewards you can make more daily xp. I was making around 4.5k-5k without buying stamina.
We all need time to get heroes ready for ruby anyways.

I quuuuuuuuuuuuit :joy::joy::joy:


everyone needs to chill. we all going to get there


That’s crazy to think about, that it’ll take THAT long (assuming you’re active every day but not buying extra stamina). Still, there are stamina rewards here and there from events like Bounty, AW, and PVP.

Yeah, in about a year, minimum.

several 94 already barely launched the new levels just wanted to know how

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If they’re not in an alliance and they have some generic-sounding name like TO4STED, it’s probably a bot.

Using gold to buy stamina

One of the higher leveled people told us on Discord he spent upwards of 30,000 gold to gain a single level…

Do the math. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

So I have 900+ days on this game, just to get level 90 then after almost 3 year they release level 100, guess ill see you guys on the 1400 day haha, I promise ILL still be playing this game by then

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This game is basically a morning and evening routine in my life so I’ll probably only give up when the servers are dead


so who already has everything full has staminas and tickets of quick victory the will left so it is easy to earn points more no mere mortals that we do not have all full we go with slow steps hehehehehehe and the law of who has more

I dont understand why people complain about bew levels like they didnt know it will take time to advance.

Personally I think it is too much, I have several of my heros with 5 bars and 10*, so I think this announcement is the death of this game, I think a week should be enough to advance one level, but after this, I will just play a little pvp and then I will quit this game, that level 100 is impossible, if we are lucky, our grand children will play on ruby … Maybe they know that, but if the skins took that much, can you imagine how much will they take to solve this about the levels? naaah too bad from HH. :-1: totally disappointed with this year upgrade, I had other expectations.

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