New 4 Star Duo Hero Concept Radon : Elementalist

Name : Radon, pronounced as rahdun

Element Specialist

Faction : Rangers

element : energy

Stars : 4

Availability : gilded, step-up and feature crates

position : midline

Role : Damage dealer

HP 3/5

Damage 5/5

Armor 3/5

skills 5/5

summary : exposed by heronium, he has several special powers. He uses these powers to fight for the good together with the other rangers, he specializes in in silencing and dealing damage

Backstory : when Radon was 6 he was with his entire family and a friend at an anniversary party of his aunt. After 20 minutes someone noticed a beeping sound, it was going faster and faster, but it was too late to run away. It exploded, killing his aunts family and several others that were there, he got knocked out by the explosion. When he woke up he was tied up with his family and his friend, it was an attack by kurtz his troops to wreak as much chaos as possible, this wasn’t the only bomb that exploded, one also exploded near them at a factory that controls the weather and an factory next to it, it caused a thunderstorm full of heronium due to the factory next to producing heronium, the moment he woke up kurtz was standing in front of him killing all the witnesses, starting with his friend, to his mom, sister, then right before his dad, his dad untied himself and ran towards kurtz, grabbing a grenade off his belt and pulling the pin pushing him to his guards, turning around and saying, ‘’there is always hope’’ at that moment the grenade exploded it killed kurtz his guards and took kurtz his right arm, kurtz was immediately being escorted and barely survived it, that moment he broke down and ran outside, in the middle of a plain field, he was crying until he got hit by a lightning strike, that strike came from the heronium infected storm, having survived it he felt it flow through his blood, and then he passed out. He woke up in a lab of one of kurtz his research facilities, there were people standing around him and at that moment all of his anger came out and he was starting to warm up, warming up so hot his body began to glow and started melting the hitches he was tied up on, he stood up and started spitting out fire and after he burned them he yelled out so loud that a electromagnetic wave came out of his body and shut down the entire labs it power. then he started running and running until he fell down and almost passed out, then he saw two faces, it was Marlowe and Mandrake from the Rangers. They took him in and started training him and helping him to get used to his powers : when he was 15 on the 11th of June he was rallying with the rangers when kurtz was bombing the streets, shortly after the bombing they walked passed a ruined building hearing a girl cry underneath the ruins, Radon then started moving the ruins away and he saw her, they took her in, if you’re wondering who check out her concept 4 star duo hero Concept : Skye

Abilities :

Bronze : Sunburn : Radon starts to enrage, glowing up and he starts to breathe fire upon the targeted enemy, dealing a medium amount of damage and disorients, the damage increases the longer he fires at the targeted opponent, this lasts 8 seconds or until staggered, this penetrates enemy shields

Silver : High Voltage : He electrocutes the targeted opponent, silencing them for 10 seconds, every 2 seconds this opponent receives a stagger

Gold : Shocktrain : whenever an opponent is silenced they receive a small amount of damage every second, ‘Sunburn’ deals extra elemental damage to silenced opponents

Platinum : Hope : whenever an allied hero is dead all silenced enemies take a decent amount of extra damage every second. if Skye dies this hero starts to enrage cooling down his abilities 35% faster

Ruby : Doing damage : The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a decent amount of extra elemental attack damage as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill

Weapon : Mandrakes Survival Shotgun in energy element

Appearance :

Blonde, slightly visible lightning scars over his visible skin, kind of a non-emotional look, he has clearly visible pink eyes and he has a short faux hawk hairstyle, he wears the same kind of clothes as mandrake except he is younger and doesn’t have the fur collar

Skin : If he gets a skin he will also be overcorrupted by heronium


emotional from the inside, tough from the outside, very caring but a short temper

Stats : weapon

Survival Shotgun

RoF : 0.8 rounds / sec

ammo : 4

Reload Time : 3 seconds

Damage to Cover : 103.73

Damage per second : 257

Damage Per Pellet 105 max 3 pellets = 315

Radon Stats :

health : 4306

Damage : 105 Per Pellet 102 Elemental

Armor : 29 Elemental 21

Crit Chance : 2%

Crit Damage : 200% both

Offensive mod 4.5 Elemental 4.8

Defensive : 5 Elemental 3.25

special effects, ‘’Sunburn’’ glows pink when used on a silenced enemy

‘’High Voltage’’ is like alvarez his bronze, but more electric, whenever this hero ‘’enrages’’ his scars light up in pink

for clearance, they are both 15, if that’s for some reason not legal, make them 18 they can both look like 18 year olds :wink: