About mercenary faction

I was just randomly reading all of the different faction lore and stopped at merc faction.
Only 2 guys in it, they must feel so lonely …

So i just wondered, why not give those guys some bonuses in bounty event ? Not a huge one, but maybe a x2 or x3 bonus for them in every bounty hunt ?

I mean, that usually what mercenaries are used for. U hire them in times of needs to help you do what’s need to be done. It would suit them well and, since there is only 2 of them (at least for now), would be a little help for those who dont have a lot of heroes for bounty hunting whithout breaking the game itself.

And it would be “lore-friendly” with a merc job.

PS : Sorry if my english sucks, i’m just a random french trying his best :wink:


I don’t think they will ever get a bonus month. They are referred to as “unaffiliated” in the fan kit and are not actually a faction. Mt best bet is that they will just get tagged onto another faction bounty or on an old bounty format. Though, I would like to see the two loners some love, I doubt it would ever happen.

I have the feeling that mercenaries may be used to fill smaller factions’ months.

For example, there are only 3 Ranger heroes, and one of them is really hard to get, so if they released a Ranger hero, it would be hard to do a Ranger’s month. They may use mercenaries to allow people some variety during Ranger’s month. And once Rangers have enough members, they won’t need to ‘hire’ mercenaries anymore


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