There should be an exit or forfeit option at pvp

During a match at pvp, if ones left with only tank or lost tank fist or overall the player feels the match is done and he is going to lose, the player should have an option to forfeit or leave instead waste time playing till end to lose anyway. Please bring an option in pvps to forfeit or leave and the opponent recieves pvp points for each heroes.



Forfeit is necessary, when you only have vanguard left and the enemy has serial you know who’s going to win,

You are ignoring the importance of this forfeit option… Imagine if u r doing coop pvp… U used 8* plat 2 bars 4cep & phalanx+ur partner used 8* plat 2 bars heim & flat(just imagine)…

Then, u suddenly got matched up with 10* ruby serial+kurtz+sapp/lancer!!!

Then, you’ll realize the importance of submission or forfeit… Different approach but, can save ur precious 10-15 seconds… Cuz, u already know who gonna win… That’s the awesomeness of coop pvps


What could be is a vote to end a match for example when you are a pariah vs pariah (infinite matches) but no such forfeit, just for example: just imagine i was the best player ever (not true at all) everyone would leave, you would have no pvp matches because no one would want to face you

Yeah it’s pretty obvious when you’re done for; my Heimlock isn’t about to clutch a 1v5, this isn’t that kind of game.

There are some games where I can hold out with one hero until the very end, preventing them from getting a clean sweep. Personally I don’t believe a forfeit button is needed, just exit the game and wait for it to finish if you find it too frustrating to finish.

Why you should wait instead you can forfeit saving your time and your opponent time and no extra hustle

The whole purpose is to save time. Anyone wants to fight even it is the best player but if the player is going to lose there is no reason to continue the match. Why not saving self’s and opponent time; having a quicker match

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People again misinterpreted my msg…interesting

Double click the Home button and swipe the app closed. Wait 2 minutes. Open app and start new match. Check inbox for previous match results (or don’t).

Why should we wait two minutes, wasting your time and your opponent, while instead you can forfeit and no extra hustle?


This seems like a good idea, they could stash this in the settings button during matches. Then just deduct 1 heart on any hero’s that were left on your side.

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I see your point. But I’m on the fence about offering a forfeiting button. If I’m losing and I know I’m going to lose I just stop fighting and typically stand my toons up and face them to the side so that they are easy targets for my opponent to finish. That’s how I forfeit.

Thats a cowardish move.
Real warriors starts rolling like theres no tomorrow…

Joke aside, a forfait buttom make you loose the match but at least you save the lives of your heroes.
I prefere quit and save than stay and die.

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there should be 3x speed for coop raids

If one player turned on 3x and the other didn’t, it wouldn’t work. That’s why we don’t offer it. You may be shocked to learn that a lot of people still play co-op raids, and don’t put on Auto!


chill I was not serious with that :rofl:

I really need 3x for coops. If it is possible to add a 3x speed option for coops then please add it. Let it appear only when both players are on auto. I don’t even remember when was the last time I did coop raids on manual.

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I face this problem generally when there is a 3 Vs 3 hero tournament going on . At that time, imagine a situation where both the players have only Heimlock left, then the match goes on forever. It happened with me this time with Silhouette as well, my opponent kept rolling until the end of the Timer.

Maybe bring this feature for Testing in 3 Vs 3 matches and then decide about it or the total duration of match for the 3vs 3 hero tournament should decrease.

Again, in my opinion, a forfeit option is a cheap way to take the edge off of taking an L or to save some hero lives, an idea which I don’t like.

The whole point of pvp is to run risks; if your meta team is loosing, then you know it’s time to change it up. If you’re playing the long game, or getting gooshed in a fight, be a good sport and slug it out for as long as you can. Give your opponent the satisfaction of beating your invincible Mari/Halo/Krieger team. :slight_smile:

If you simply can’t bear to wait or take the loss, exit out of the game and take a break, the frustration wears off very quickly once the match is over.