Please add a "give up" item in PVP

I liked this game. I bought the gold first time of iOS game and felt its worthy around 3 months ago. But I was regret because some unbalanced heroes were created. Just like Panzar, Flatline, Ifrit and skin of nightingale. Initially, I felt its really unbalanced when I used Panzar with many wins. I hoped your team will make some correction on it. But your correction becomes worse.

I like all of original heroes and enjoy to play their special skills. Recently, more than 30% matched team are composed of 4 healer/protectors with 1 Panzar/dogface. It’s so disgusting. I had all of them platium but I am ashamed and never use this dirty(or money) team. I knew many guys pay a lot to get them and enjoy it. The game team will not make better correction. I will never pay anymore on this game but hope you can add a “give up” item. I won’t waste my time when I meet dirty team. I prefer to surrender directly.


This is something I have wanted for ages.
When it’s obvious that you can’t win but have to sit through the whole match slowly losing
every hero, it’s just annoying!
Click “give up”,the match ends and your opponent gets a full reward.

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I’d rather they just give us an option to forfeit; it’s easy (for me at least) to tell when I’m screwed and when I’m not. And there’s no way to get around it; even if you close and reopen the game, it’ll reconnect you to the PVP match if it isn’t already over.


Never give up! Never surrender!

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Only reason not to give up is to roll around and hoping 1+ healer stays alive for the hearth

I ever won more than 10 times continuously with Panzar and I knew it is not healthy and disgusting. I cannot believe unbalanced more heroes were created. I can but I don’t want to use the team just like this. I feel so sad more and more guys learn and lose diversity and fun. So it’s not truly surrender and just keep everyone’s time. Just don’t waste my life on dirty combats (It become more and more).

I’ve suggested adding the option to cancel a match before it actually starts, like after you see who you’re against but before play begins. Everyone could get a few a day, maybe with chances to earn more with vip or event prizes. You would have a “Rematch” button to use against a team you don’t want to play for whatever reason and there would be no penalty for using it. The other person would just get a message saying something like “your opponent has chosen to rematch” and then it would rematch them as well.

@Muninn Then make PvP worth not giving up :joy: if players want to give up, that’s 100% on the devs.

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