This hilarious bug with skill preview

The preview of Fortress’ Recharge pictures him starting the skill while under enemy fire. Then the camera pans to a group of 3 soldiers, and goes back to him recharging. After that, it ends when the lighting hits the soldiers.

I was reading the skills on english, and I saw that, on my brother’s account (he hasn’t unlocked Fortress yet), his Fortress ALWAYS dies during Recharge preview. It’s hilarious. Even more when the camera pans to the soldiers, and comes back to a dead Fortress.


R.I.P. Fortess!
I’ve never seen this bug but it sounds fun!

It doesn’t happen with my account. Maybe the preview uses your current hero stats. My fortress being 7* with lv 69 heal can “tank” those 3 minions. While my brothers being locked (lv 1 green), can’t.

I don’t really know, but is lovely to see 3 grunts that are scripted to die, refuse to and manage to kill Fortress lol

there’s also some funny ones with fischer and chesterfield, where the little enemies just walk away from the traps refusing to accept their fate.

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