FORTRESS: The Bigger they are the Harder they Fall


What’s the general consensus on Fortress?? Rubbish? Amazing?

My Alliance hate him as they believe he “stands like a fruit loop taking any punishment on offer and basically dieing” during his silver skill recharge…
I think he’s wicked, basically because his ice hockey mask is killer.

What do people think??

One lv 40 combats, Ive seen fortress oneshooting teo of my heroes with his recharge, so he can be dangerous, and tanky, due to heals + increased defenses. Id say he performs good enough at my level, but no idea how is he on endgame

He is very solid actually,

But not as good as gammond by any means.

He’s one of those characters that require a good follow up to his charge skill. If no other character is available to take advantage of it, he’s pretty much done for. That’s why I normally save him for last in Dojo.

His silvers damage is based on the total healing to him, not just the abilties healing. If you pair him with another healer he can do a massive amount of damage is a short time. The trick is he has to take a lot of damage and still live. I’ve had games where he one shots heros and others where he dies before he can even get it off. It’s a difficultly combo to pull off, but can win you pvp game easily.

Obviously he is great paired with a gold mandrake and gammond, but I like to combo him with quick heals such as moss. If you can time moss’ heal at the same time his recharge is going on, you can quickly swap over to him and break the ability and dealing the damage. If you are able to pull the combo off (and depending on your fortress rank/teir) you can deal like 80-100k damage in about 2-4 seconds into his recharge depending on how well timed.

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Thanks @Benched the recharge description says you can cancel his recharge (I guess if you quickly need to take cover). I can’t work out how to cancel it - do you know??

Any movement cancels the charge, so moving between cover breaks it. Also enemy heros can cancel it with a stun, disorient, etc.

Thanks - excellent, am now able to use him effectively!