New Leggendary Skin for Fortress

Before our god Galante arrived, there was another god in the game, his name was Fortress.
But unfortunately one day, our champion received an unfair punishment and from that moment more and more rarely was seen in PvP.
What I propose is a simple skin that could reverse his fate.

Isn’t he beautifull?
New Silver skill: Monstrous Recharge - this hero gets Provocation, any damage received turns him into health.

  • lasts up to 10 seconds or until it is canceled.
  • Upon completion, this hero inflicts elemental damage on all enemies equal to the amount of health recovered.

Devs if it seems exaggerated you can change it or not put it, but please, bring back in vogue our champion.

Notes: “any kind of damage” is intended as normal damage, elemental damage and some skills.
special skills such as Sentry’s can block recharging.


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