This is a very odd question for the community I have

I wonder why the support here is a privilege? Yeah I can just stop playing the game but what if I’ve already spent a bunch of money on the game, and then they revoke these privileges. Seems like a very odd way to treat members of the community. I know we can’t discuss anything we’ve discussed with support so I’m specifically not mentioning any interaction with them but instead asking the community their thoughts on this policy of support being a privilege. So you can’t get any help with the game for any reason, and I’m trying to choose my words carefully so this isn’t interpreted as an angry or malicious response. I’m sincerely curious how the community feels about this, and what would someone recommend for the player who has lost these privileges if they need help with a technical issue? If they’re a vip 15 player do they just lose their 4800$ account? Which is the price to reach vip15, and if you’ve reached vip15 chances are you didn’t stop spending when you reached that point. Just seems unfair to the community, to deny them the ability to ask for help. I don’t know just seems childish, especially if it’s for asking a question twice or something. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

Support desk bans are rare, but they do happen. They’re not handed out lightly. They come after at least one warning has been given to a player to stop their abusive, harassing, or inappropriate conduct towards support staff. We always provide a course correction opportunity, and we always list the consequences of failing to comply. It’s up to the player, then, whether to double down and lose access to support, or change their attitude and treat support staff like human beings.

Once again: support bans are rare, and only follow very toxic and abusive behavior. If someone you know has been banned from the support desk, there’s a very good reason for it, and corrective action was attempted in writing prior to the ban.

In most games, developers don’t have a working relationship with their players. They don’t come into chat and answer questions. They don’t act funny. They don’t take suggestions. I think this is the privilege that Muninn attempted to get across–that it’s actually nice to have such a relationship with the developers as it should lead to a more robust conversation as we can sometimes gather information we normally wouldn’t have…of course, there are a lot of restrictions by which they have to follow, so we can’t know EVERYTHING. However, I do enjoy the times they pop into VIP to chat…what I don’t like is the constant heckling and negativity at times, yet they maintain and deal through it. That’s pretty cool, in my books.


The participation and control of developers on the forum to calm some excite is very where the idea but is not relevant those who are unfortunate to benefit from moderators on the game chat

ive seen it on other forums that the person would lose the ability to contact support. but they must have been a repeat offender and ignored any warnings that told them not to. and the amount of money you have spent on the game is your own right. everyone who plays the game has the free access to support, regardless of how much cash they spent.

if you lost the ability for whatever reason to contact support in game, maybe there is another option. if there isnt one, then not sure where to go from there since the forums isnt the place to do so. maybe Discord?