Pay vs. Grind

I have a feeling this might be a contentious post so I’d like to start off asking that everyone who posts please keep it clean and refrain from doggin each other.

So in forums as well as chat, I continue to see folks raggin on those that pay to get an edge. And then I see some folks that have paid giving the freebie players crap for not supporting the developers. It’s almost as if we have class warfare within a game which is stupid as a game is meant to be entertainment and take us away from the ugly realities of the real world.

To the freebie players - much respect to you for grinding it out day in and day out. I’m always impressed when I see a VIP 0 with a stronger team than me. That is true dedication and should be commended.

To the VIPs that have spent some cash - kudos to you for showing your appreciation to the developers by shelling out a few bucks.

Here’s me issue with those that complain about those that don’t pay - who cares?! While they may not show support by shelling out money, the fact that they get so far shows a different sort of appreciation. In addition, it also could lead to word of mouth advertising that is invaluable to HHG.

For those that complain about people paying - who cares?! It’s the money they earned and they have every right to spend it as they wish. Some people spend money on drugs to escape reality, others spend it on games. I’d much prefer to see it spent on the latter.

As far as getting access to exclusive content, I don’t get the issue here. Every other game I’ve played that is a flat fee and no paid content, they typically have extremely rare items that only a few get through grinding and then there are extremely rare items that players can get through exclusive events, promos, etc. Why can’t the same be true in HH? If the devs make a couple heroes exclusive to payers, does it really matter? If every hero is accessible to everyone, what makes it unique? What drives people to acquire them? In the end, people want to show their uniqueness and individuality when it comes to their hero lineups.

My suggestion to the devs is to continue going the path they are going - make some heroes exclusive to the grinders that don’t want to pay. Make a 7 star that takes nearly a year to obtain. And continue releasing heroes that people can pay for.

In the end though, there’s no need to bicker over such petty stuff in game. Let bygones be bygones and enjoy the game.


I’m glad you show respect for vip 0 players like me.

I may have low total team power, but I was ranked in 5th in the last draft and built Odachi to 10 stars few weeks ago. I show support to this game by telling my feedbacks in the forum and the community discord.


This is exactly what I mean. The VIP 0 folks like you grind a lot and end up providing a wealth of data and feedback to the community that is beneficial to all. Mad respect.


First of all, I completely agree with you.

Also something I’d like to add, I created a VIP chat topic a while back, it’s not the same discussion, but it has a bad vibe to it.

Just like this one, like you said, we all come here to have FUN!!! I see no reason to attack people for working hard irl or this game.

Something should be done to keep the chat fun for everyone.

Thanks @Haywire0311 , really appreciate the time you put in for this topic


Thanks dude.

One other point I’d like to make since I’ve seen this discussion as well.

When you play a console or PC game, when the dev makes a significant update or makes new features available, they typically charge something for the new features. Whenever it’s a significant update with new add-ons, that charge can be significant. While the changes HHG are not usually overly significant, they are still something so getting mad that they ask for a few bucks so that they can constantly provide new updates is sorta silly. They could just stay static and we could be left with what the game was over a year ago.

If you don’t want to continue to pay to support the continuous updates, that’s fine and completely understandable. Grind away and wait until they release the new stuff to the grinders. But please don’t get upset at those that pay for the instant access or the devs for hoping to get some support to continue providing the new stuff.

That is all.