Farming materials question and odds

When farming something like silver throwing knives, you have a map that costs 6 stamina and a map that costs 7 stamina. Are the odds of getting the throwing knives exactly the same in the two maps or is the 7 stamina one more likely because the stamina is higher?

What if the item has a map where it is the only material that can be dropped vs a map where 3 materials drop?

Any ideas? Anyone ever do a drop rate statistical analysis?

Here’s a comment from a former Dev but keep in mind it’s from last September.


And to answer your first question/scenario, I don’t believe there’s a difference.

Thanks for the reply. exactly what I was looking for.

My only question is why I get a fuel cell on a map with only a platinum pistol fragments😑
Also, to answer the question I think that item drop chances are independent, as I can get lucky with a map that has 4 gear rewards compared to a map with 1 gear reward, sometimes the 4 gear map gives me the piece I need compared to the 1 gear map

somewhere in those links, it was mentioned that there are bonus drops but the chances are so low, they dont display them.

What sucks is that I get those more than often rather than the platinum gear I was farming for😡

Same here :confounded:, get so much more other stuff than Plat gear. By now I only farm in hardmode-> Fragments and Gear (higher chance).