Yay, finally got my first 10 star today

I’m happy. I don’t think a mobile game has kept my attention for nearly a year. Other than Brave Frontier, but that’s in a different genre of games. What’s the best use of the Heronium I can get from her? The only good deals I can see in the Heronium store are the Elemental Fragments and not the Hero Fragments.


Get other 10*.

Mandrake and Mauler are probably your best options because they are the most farmable heroes in the game.

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Get the elemental frags and put them into others close to 10 stars

Work on dogeface
He is easy to farm
And i think he will not be removed from the gauntlet

Disappointed in you, bro. I was expecting Operator.


He’s at 5 stars. It’s gonna take a while. At least I have a definite means of increasing his stars, though.

I’m suspecting the next hero they release gonna be a bio hero so I’m buying bio frags as soon as I have heronium to spare. My goal is to be able to 10 star the new hero day 1 so I need a bit over 2000 frags! I have 500 ATM so it’s not impossible by any means. I don’t know why I’m writing this here. Congratulations on your first 10 star. I would suggest Mandrake next aight.

That’s always my intention too - to 10* a hero right when they come out. I’ve had the frags for it for the past several months, but I can never get over the mental block of “Well what if the next one’s even better??” So I always just end up getting them to 8* for the second-highest bounty multiplier and then leaving them there.